Primark revisited!


In a bid to make the most of my last week off before going back to work (sob) I made another trip to the westend…for a bit of shopping…again!! Sorry purse/debit card/Mum!

And while I had to exchange a jumper that had a massive snag in it – doesn’t bode particularly well – I thought I’d make the most of a slightly quieter Primark. Yep…out came the camera. David Bailey eat your heart out!

Just a little bit about the new Oxford St/Tottenham Court Rd branch first though, it is only a little bit I promise, the store is basically 3buildings merged into one. It’s now the flagship store which surprised me because if you’ve ever been to Westfield Stratford or the other Oxford st store, it’s unbelievable to think that they could make an even bigger Primark. Guess what? They did! It covers a ridiculous 82,400 square feet, has 4 storeys, a giant…and I mean giant LED wall containing 2.9m LEDlights (which by the way is an epileptic fit waiting to happen) and is basically a fashion lover/bargain hunter’s dream. I happen to be both…who’d have known?

History lesson over, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Above is the Oxford St entrance. Confession…this is only a third of it, my poor camera skills and a never ending stream of buses meant this was the best I could do. Useless…I know!


Primark should really put it out there more that they like their knitted jumpers. I mean, you’d never   guess would you? ha!

      Christmas jumpers anyone?

   The only problem I found was that they didn’t have a massive colour selection of their jeans. 
                                       If Carlsberg did sarcastic comments….
Vajazzled Slipper shoes, I’m sure these will be a hit with the TOWIE cast!

And now that I feel like I’ve bombarded you with enough pictures, I’ll leave you with one that shows two of my favourites items which I may* have purchased..

       * may means definitely in blogger language doesn’t it? Yeah I thought it did!
Oh and just quickly, here’s what I wore. Extremely grateful for the small, poor quality picture (taken on a blackberry…what a surprise!) nobody needs to see a tired, haggard, shopped out shrek look-a-like girl in HD!
Trusty old jacket: River Island
Shirt: H&M
Boots: TK MAXX
Jeans that shouldn’t be looked out without wearing sunglasses: Primark
Hope you enjoyed this long, rambly, picture heavy post. Thanks for reading!

27 responses to “Primark revisited!”

  1. Kate Sarah says:

    I've been to this primark twice and both times i've walked out almost straight away because it's been so crowded, haha! It looks like you were clever enough to go on a quiet day 😉 I love your jacket, by the way.

  2. Ellie Adams says:

    Kate that's exactly what I did the first time, it's depressing when it's like that ain't it? haha! I went around 9:30ish so it was bearable.

    I love the jacket too, it was one of those items I couldn't walk out the shop without ha, thanks so much for your comment!

  3. Hollie says:

    Im looking forward to pooping into this primark 🙂

  4. I wish there was a Primark close to me!! I would be in heaven!!


    • Ellie Adams says:

      Ahh you would so love it. I forgot to mention in the post that this store is literally a 30second walk from my office…dangerous for the purse ha!


  5. Nadia Cohen says:

    I LOVE Primark! Wish there was one here in the States.

    • Ellie Adams says:

      I'm loving it at the moment Nadia, so surprised you still haven't got one in the states yet.

      Thanks for the comment as well, checking out your blog now 🙂


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