REVIEW: Bourjois Magic Nail polish remover

For my first product review I thought the best idea would be
to play it safe. Review an item that I’ve loved and used for years because what
says how good a product is better than numerous re-purchasing over the years?

And then somehow this little sucker ended up in my shopping
basket (god knows how it got there) and suddenly I had the need to ditch the philosophy above and review this little gem after just one use:

The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Now I know that there has been an incredible amount of hype around this product – and even more so since it was seen being used backstage at London Fashion Week recently – so I just HAD to try this bad boy out! Here’s what Bourjois say about the product:

“Instantly removes nail polish. 1 second per nail*, without cotton wool! Abra-cadabra!!!
Magic in a pot!
Nail polish is instantly removed with the touch of a magic wand!
For each nail, simply Dip-Twist-Remove in 1 second without any cotton wool.
Your nails will be polish-free in just 1 second*!
Plus, its red berry and vanilla fragrance leaves nails delicately scented.
And…it’s good for my nails!
– Acetone-free formula – gentle on nails and cuticles
– Enriched with nourishing sweet almond oil
– Paraben-free
– Dermatologically tested

Jesus, they say alot ole Bourjois don’t they? almost rabbit on more than I do!

Here it is in action:




(on a side note, I have no idea why the pictures are a bit fuzzy, probably something to do with the technophobe uploading them)

So, does it live up to it’s claims?

The 1second claim – For me? no, but in all honesty I never expected it to. It takes around 3 seconds to remove all the nail polish off each finger, occasionally you might get a little left over around the edges. Would this stop me from repurchasing? never in a million years.

The smell – Well I have to admit when I first lifted the lid off and was practically blown away by the STRONG smell of your average nail polish, I thought back to this claim and just laughed. But… after removing all of the nail polish and getting on with day to day life, I started to notice a lovely fruity, vanilla smell coming from my hands, pretty much exactly how Bourjois had described. So it’s a thumbs up on that front from me.

And finally the whole ‘it’s good for your nails too’ line – well guess what? they wasn’t lying on that claim either. My nails and cuticles looked SO healthy and nourished, one of the best i’ve ever seen them.

So what do I think of this product overall? In a word…amazing!! I love it – and as somebody who leads a ridiculously busy life –  I can see this product saving me a lot of time! It is by far better than any nail polish remover I’ve used before and oh…did I mention that it’s only £4.99? Well, I have now. Personally I think for the quality you’re getting, that’s a bargain!

You can find the Bourjois Magic Nail polish remover at Boots Here and in Superdrug stores now!
Hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading!

8 responses to “REVIEW: Bourjois Magic Nail polish remover”

  1. Amazing product ! I'll have to search it in stores here ^^
    Great post !

  2. Ellie Adams says:

    Ahh thanks so much, honestly it's such a good product, you should definitely check it out!

  3. Tali says:

    Ok now I want this just to try it and I dont even wear that much nail varnish!!

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Haha that's exactly how I was Tali, have a feeling I'm gonna be changing my nail varnish A LOT more often.

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog by the way

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