Casual OOTD and work freebies!


Is it sad that I miss blogging/my blog? It  probably is
isn’t it? Oh well…sue me! I planned to post this Saturday morning…and then my
call time was changed meaning I’d be waking up at 5…my favourite thing to
happen, especially when I don’t get home until 1am the night before (and because you can’t convey tone in writing…that was MASSIVELY

 As well as the fact that I’ve had no time, I’m also sitting
here with disgustingly chipped nail polish, flat dull hair, corpse like
skin….I’m painting a beautiful picture here aren’t I? Anyway, the point in
making me sound even more like Shrek was just me trying to convey the fact that I
couldn’t feel any less like a fashion/beauty blogger right now!

But, I have an outfit post for you, it’s as basic, unspecial
(is that even a word? No it’s probably not) and as plain as you can get but
it’s a post. Bearing in mind I spend my days running around, constantly on the go
picking up ridiculously heavy equipment etc. here’s the practical, boring (but
hopefully a tiny bit stylish at the same time…here’s hoping) outfit of the day…

Apologies for massively posey, cringey and all round ‘knobish’ photo
Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Gilet: New Look
Jeans: h&m
Boots: New Look
Nails: Bourjois Bleu fabuleux…more on that another time
Awkward, not quite got the hang of the whole ‘take a natural picture of my outfit’ pose: all my own!
On a completely different note, I love a good ramble, one of my favourite perks of the job is the occasional freebie. Personally, I love a good tan (just letting you know in case the orange elbows and permanent ‘glow’ despite living in gloomy London didn’t give it away enough) so I was embarrassingly excited when I walked into work and was greeted by a nice big pile of Vita Liberata products to choose from. I went for the Phenomenal 2-3week self tan mousse (try saying that when you’re drunk) and I can’t wait to try it. And of course I’ll be telling you exactly what I think of it once I have.

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed this post. I promise I’m going to post more this week even if it means me getting up at 3am (slight exaggeration) or pulling an all nighter (massive exaggeration) I’ll be posting. Which I’m sure makes you dedicated readers…ok, my mum…very happy!

13 responses to “Casual OOTD and work freebies!”

  1. This is a perfect fall outfit! I hope you are having better weather then Arizona right about now. I barely got to pull out my boots yesterday! Hopefully I can start wearing some adorable vests soon 🙂


    • Ellie Adams says:

      Ahh thanks Alyssa. It's extremely rare that you can go out dressed like that in freezing cold, rainy England (anyone would think I'm bitter about how rubbish our weather is, ha!) so I milked it for all it's worth 😉


  2. Kate Sarah says:

    ahaha, "all around 'knobish' photo", that made me laugh! love your gilet.-xo

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