Catch up time – First week of Xtra-Factor live shows

Apologies for being – to put it quite bluntly – an absolutely crap blogger of late. There really are no excuses, well…apart from the fact that I just worked a 7day week, working pretty long hours, and forgetting what the word ‘sleep’ means. (Hold on one second while I just whack the violins and feel sorry for myself!)
Anyway, I finally have a couple of days off which I plan to spend shopping, seeing friends, catching up on all my favourite blogs and YouTuber’s (obviously), and watching all the TV I’ve missed (oh how I’ve missed you Downton Abbey!) ROCK AND ROLL!
For anyone not in the UK or who hasn’t been taking much notice, it was the first weekend of The X-Factor/Xtra-Factor live shows last weekend, meaning that every day of last week was absolutely manic and to be honest, really stressful at times. But (there’s always a but) there really is nothing like the buzz that you get from working on a live TV show, and every bit of stress is completely worth it when you see everyones hard work come together!
Please excuse the self-indulgent, slightly arsey but obligatory picture below. This is my first credit to be aired so far (and the closest I’ll ever get to seeing my name in lights ha!) so I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth 😉 

Hope everyone who watched the shows, and all those who couldn’t and have obviously sky plus’d it to be watched as soon as they get a chance 😉 enjoyed/enjoys them. And the award for the most shameless plug/hint to watch Xtra goes to….yours truly!

I just want to add a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who reads my blog, I noticed at the beginning of the week that I’d gone way over 1000 views – which I know compared to the big guns is absolutely pathetic – but considering it’s only a couple of weeks old I’m bloody chuffed and a bit overwhelmed (does that make me a saddo? Probably does doesn’t it? Sod it!) So thank you everyone who puts up with my waffling/rambling etc. I’m really grateful 🙂


5 responses to “Catch up time – First week of Xtra-Factor live shows”

  1. Wooo I love xfactor x

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