Essie Winter 2012 Collection – The collection that was meant to be!


I feel like on here, a place where I can quite freely ramble about beauty, fashion etc. is the only place I can say this. Number 1 – because I assume that most of my readers feel exactly the same way about beauty products as I do, and number 2 –  because if I ever spoke about nail polish the way I’m about to to friends or family I’d probably get laughed at/told to ‘get a life!’ so what I really want to ask is this, have you ever bought something and thought it was just meant to be? Like it was fate?….Well, that’s what happened when I bought Essie’s Winter 2012 Collection.

You see, I am an absolute nail polish whore. To the point where I could never buy another one again and would still be able to wear a different colour each day for the rest of my life….slight exaggeration obviously, but you see where I’m coming from. (Hopefully!)

When I saw swatches of Essie’s Winter 2012 collection online I made a mental note that I needed, yes needed Leading lady – Christmas in a bottle and Beyond Cozy – again, what says Christmas like a glittery champagne gold/silver. So when I was out shopping and just happened to stumble upon a Boots (100% planned to go there…shhh!) and saw that Essie were offering a special Winter 2012 Collection trio in Leading lady, Beyond cozy and Snap happy to be quite honest, it was in my basket quicker than you can say superficial!

So where does the whole ‘meant to be’ ‘it was fate’ rubbish come in? Well it comes in because after purchasing them and walking out the door, I received an email letting me know the one of my favourite bloggers ViviannaDoesMakeup had a new post (love it when that happens) so I opened up the link, as you do, and was a little bit freaked to see that her post was about a certain Essie collection. That’s right, any guilt I may have had from buying even more nail polishes had immediately vanished because in my mind what Vivianna says, goes. She loves them, so I made a good choice *pats self on back*

I won’t bore you/sound like a massive Vivianna stalker anymore, onto the swatches…

Beyond Cozy

Glitter, cahmpgne/goldy/silver tones and ever so slightly tacky…making this perfect for Christmas. We all love a bit of tacky glitter at Christmas don’t we? No, OK just me then… This is two coats of Beyond Cosy, covers and applies well, opaque after just two coats and is actually quite a unique colour in my eyes. Considering these eyes have seen more nail polishes than Snooki’s seen fake tan bottles…that’s saying something!

Snap Happy

This is probably the time to apologise for the absolutely shite awful picture which clearly doesn’t help you to see what colour the polish is whatsoever. I forgot to take pictures when I wore it. I’m a twat, I’m very sorry!! Anyway, Snap Happy is a lovely orange red creme. Opaque in two coats, and again covers really well. It’s one of those colours I think everyone needs (but probably has) in their collection. If you have Essie’s Fifth Avenue, you definitely don’t need this. I would say they’re almost identical…but I won’t because it’ll make me feel more guilty ha!

Leading Lady


In my opinion, I’ve saved the best until last. I absolutely LOVE Leading Lady (making full use of the capitals and bold letters there) A beautiful red maroon glitter that is not only perfect for Christmas, but just perfect for the autumn/winter time in general. It reminds me of a nice red or mulled wine (keeping with the Christmas theme there) which is quite possibly the main reason why it’s my favourite 😉 There’s not much more to say other than that it covers brilliantly in two coats, looks amazing and lasts a long time without chipping too. It looks so nice that I can even look past the fact that it’s a bit of a son of a bitch to remove!

So there’s my long winded, terribly photographed, and as per usual, rather rambly review of part of Essie’s 2012 Winter Collection. Have any of you caved and bought any of the new collection yet? I’d love to know what you all think!

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks so much for reading!

12 responses to “Essie Winter 2012 Collection – The collection that was meant to be!”

  1. I haven't seen just the three nail polish set, I always like getting new polish for christmas. Ali x

  2. Pour Moi says:

    The red is absaloutely Gorgeouss xx

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