OOTD: faux fur, afro’s and the cure to ‘hangover face’


I have been seriously slacking on the outfit post front lately, and bearing in mind the fashion side of things was one of – if not, the – main reason for starting this blog, that makes me a pretty crap blogger! (slagging off your own blogging skills, nice one Elle!) But…I am pretty much done with work for the rest of the year now so I have absolutely no excuse (pretty sure I’ll find one from somewhere) to slack from now on.

I’m not the luckiest when it comes to birthdays, and this year in typical fashion, I spent my birthday in A&E. Long story short, I somehow managed to tear the ligaments in my knee (don’t ask) and whilst I really couldn’t care less about my birthday’s, it wasn’t exactly the first choice of places to spend my time in!

Before you wack the violins out, I wasn’t telling you that for sympathy, it was my long winded way of leading into a post that should have gone up a while ago, what I wore to a casual birthday meal. Two weeks of complete rest (bar the odd shopping trip) ice, elevation and all that jazz later, I finally hobbled out for a belated/mum’s 50th birthday meal!

I went to one of my favourite Gluten-free restaurants – Cotto, on Westminster Bridge Road – which deserves a whole bloody blog, let alone a mere post, to itself! A post will be on it’s way soon…but for now, I’ll leave you with what I was wearing. (Can’t help but feel like a bit of a perve when you word it like that)….

Some may say I deliberately shot this in front of a scenic backdrop to distract from my dishevelled, windswept, ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ appearance. They would be correct!

Ghost face anyone? The only picture I could find with the gilet done up, which looking back I actually much prefer. In other words, a massive OOTD fail!
 ^ ^ ^
Good news girls!! I’ve found the cure to disguising a washed out, haggard, bedraggled and let’s be honest, hungover face. Shove your affro in front of it!

Top and Gilet: Primark
Faux leather trousers (pleather…love that word!): H&M
Boots: Ebay (bargain central!)
Bag: Mulberry
Frizzy hair, mulled wine and chocolate induced bloated face…and a new years resolution to try and take much better/even slightly acceptable OOTD pictures: All my own!

Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading!
 P.S Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

11 responses to “OOTD: faux fur, afro’s and the cure to ‘hangover face’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your style but I can't wait for the food post. I'm from GF message board and I'm finding your blog very helpful 😀 ! Xxx

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi there I'm from the GF message board to, I've never heard of cotto so I'm looking forward to hearing about it. I love your outfit to. Alice Xx

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Thanks both of you for your comments, I love the GF message board, so helpful! The Cotto post will be on it's way (or when I get my act together ha!)


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