Harvey Nics, Winter coat and the bargain of the century


In case you hadn’t already figured from previous posts, I am a massive fan of the high street! In fact, one of the only designer items I have right now is my Mulberry bag, which took a long time for me to strap on a pair of balls – figuratively speaking – and buy! I’d reviewed it on countless websites, compared just about every bag to make sure it was ‘the one’ and it was only when I got a job (on Young Apprentice if your interested…you’re probably not) that I finally thought I deserved a bit of a treat. I’m not joking – believe me I wish I was – when I say that it was almost a tug of war between me and the shop assistant, with my credit card in the middle. It hurt handing over that amount of money, a lot, but in my defence it was a one off, and a reward/incentive for the future. Have I justified myself yet?…

Anyway, the point that I’m getting at is if it was a choice between the high street or designer, I’m going high street every time BUT, sometimes it’s just nice to have a bit of a browse at the higher end, even if it results in a massive wish list that will never materialize! Which, is exactly what happened today, as I headed off to Harvey Nichols.

Also, I’ve been intending to do an OOTD recently but considering London has been practically freezing, when I haven’t been living in my onesie (which nobody wants/needs to see) I’ve been living in my new winter coat which doesn’t exactly qualify as an ‘outfit’. So today’s post is a mash up of both of the above…oh I do love a good mash up!

Harvey Nics, my winter coat and my forever growing wish list….

Harvey Nic’s and Wagamama’s. Well you know what they say, kill two birds with one stone!
Despite the moody, frost bitten face, inside I was actually screaming with happiness after reading that sign!
Spot the freaky dolls head with the wispy, frizzy hair? No not me you cheeky sods, second from bottom row. Scary!
Only Harvey Nichols would sell ‘healthy chocolate’ I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try a sample…or two. But in all honesty, give me a Cadbury’s Crunchie any day of the week!
Onto a few of my favourite items. Dark, blurry pictures courtesy of me. Trying to take photo’s on the sly to avoid an ear bashing from extremely unimpressed shop assistants is surprisingly hard!
Recognise these? Well, you should do, because nearly every single shop in the highstreet/online has their own version of the Chloe ‘susanna’ boots. Long live cheap knock offs!
I don’t actually own a pair of trainers – which probably explains why I can’t even run for a bus without keeling over – but I am so tempted by these Jimmy Choo bad boys!

The coveted Acne aviator and Balenciaga jacket’s. Now where’s that spare £3000 I was looking for, or the rich husband, or the London rioters from 2011. JOKE!

McQueen. That is all!

Now, is it just me or is it absolutely necessary to buy a new coat every year, regardless of how may you’ve already got in your wardrobe? It’s just one of those items – especially living in London – that you’re going to get a ton of use out of, so more or less pays for itself. (Here goes the poor attempt at some justification again!) 
A little while ago the black Zara trench/military style jacket become extremely popular. It was one of the coats that every other person on the street was wearing, every blogger had gone and bought it, and whilst I did really love the style at the time, it just wasn’t enough to put up with wearing the same coat as every tom, dick and harry….
And then those wonderful little boxing day sales happened. I’m not a huge sale shopper and you definitely won’t see me queueing at 3am, but when I saw just one coat, almost identical to the one mentioned above but in navy (which I always prefer), all on it’s own, in my bloody size, well…I would have quite happily wrestled an old lady to the ground for it…

…Sorry guys, I couldn’t help myself! I actually never wrestled anyone to the floor before anybody calls the police to report me for GBH, but after seeing it was in the sale for £30 reduced from £60, I did make quite an embarrassing jump for joy (which admittedly I probably did deserve to be arrested for!) Enough waffling, here’s the coat…

Apologies for the vile ‘picture in the mirror’ pose – I have a bit of an issue with them – but, it was the only way I could get a picture of the coat undone. Trust me, I want to punch myself in the face for this more than you do! 
Oh, and while we’re talking coats, sales and vile pictures, here’s my ‘bargain of the century’ H&M coat below…
Guess how much? No guess, just try, oh go on then. 10 bloody pounds! A tenner, 1000 pennies…in the words of Charlie Sheen, Winning!!
So I think that’s about it *cue gospel choir singing “praise the lord”* As I’ve said before, if you got to this point in the post then thank you very much (and well done) for bearing with me and not falling asleep.
Hope you enjoyed this post guys, thanks so much for reading!

12 responses to “Harvey Nics, Winter coat and the bargain of the century”

  1. Ilaria says:

    Ahhhh LOVE your outfit, especially the leather leggings! Really like the entire picture report, the stores you picked and your style! You have a great blog, can't wait for the next post 🙂 x

  2. I love both of your coats. So good for 10 pounds x

  3. Jackie says:

    Ellie, thanks for your note on IFB! I'm glad I came to visit your blog, I really enjoyed joining you on your shopping trip! So fun. Come visit anytime over at

  4. Can't believe you got that coat for 10 pounds! :O
    It's so cuteeee!

    xx MJ

  5. Amy Goodeve says:

    I love your coat and shoes, stunning. xxx

  6. Emelie says:

    Oh, those faux leather trousers must be from H&M! I've got the same ones, I simply adore them! Whenever I wear them I instantly feel "put together". They look great with a denim shirt and ankle boots, don't they? 🙂 I'm just feeling a little self-conscious about the noise they make when I sit down and move my legs in a lecture haha x

    • Ellie Adams says:

      They sure are. I am literally obsessed with them and completely agree with what you said, I immediately feel 'done up' when I wear them. Haha so so true, I feel like I permanently say 'that was my trousers by the way!' oh well, the price we pay for fashion!


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