OOTD: Day from hell, featuring ‘the boucle’


If it’s possible for a blog post to be cursed, then this one was from the very beginning.

First of all I woke up with a monster growing on my face…or for those of you who don’t tend to exaggerate as much as I am today, a gigantic bloody spot. Lovely, attractive, exactly what I needed!

Then I got caught up in a tsunami…well, actually it just started to pour down with rain and I stupidly forgot my umbrella, which my hair had an absolute field day with. Thanks rain, I’ve always wanted a lion’s mane for hair!

Then – yes there’s more, I should have just stayed in bed – as a result of said hair, a swarm of pigeons clearly mistook it for a nest and thought it would be a good place to settle. Yes, I had about 10 poxy pigeons flying around my head and yes, a lot of screaming went down!

Last but not least, as if looking and feeling like Ugly Betty wasn’t bad enough, I had a demonic squirrel – yes you read that right – literally stalk me wherever I went. I thought squirrels normally legged it when you went near them? Well this one, I’m pretty convinced was actually possessed. And for once in my life that is not a completely dramatic, over the top, knobish, exaggerated, statement. (well, maybe just a little bit!)

Cue a typical everyday outfit, a barnet to rival the Jackson 5 and the demonic squirrel!

Despite looking like a tit, this was the best shot I had to show off the outfit. New Years Resolution number 2 – learn to take better OOTD pics/pics that don’t make you physically cringe when revisiting posts!
The demonic squirrel. I may be smiling on the outside, but on the inside, I’m quite literally screaming “get the f**k away from me you little s**t!!!!”
Please ignore/laugh at my face/punch the screen in regards to the pictures above and below. A failed attempt of showing off the ‘boucle’ jacket, which while I’m on the subject, I bloody love! Simple, effortless and smartens up any trampy casual outfit in a second. Score! 
…and when you get home, look through the pictures and realise you look rank/hate every single one of them, there’s alway the classic ‘stand in front of the door where the lighting’s most flattering’ pose….
To all the bloggers out there who have photographer boyfriends….if you fancy swapping lives, you know where I am!

Faux Leather trousers that I have and will continue to wear to death: H&M
Boucle blazer/jacket: River Island
Boots: Ebay
Tee: Gap (the last time I wore something from Gap I was probably about 6, gotta love a bit of old skool!)

….I told you I wasn’t joking about that squirrel, I’m lucky to be alive I’m telling you (don’t you just hate drama queens?) And as if Blogger was trying to reinforce what a bitch of a day this day had been, it also didn’t allow me to upload pictures for about 2 days which is just what I needed, thanks Blogger, you’re the best! #mostsarcasticbloggerintheworld

 Hope you enjoyed this post guys, thanks so much for reading!

8 responses to “OOTD: Day from hell, featuring ‘the boucle’”

  1. That sounds like such a bad day! I know you said you didn't like the pictures, but I do! I love your style and this jacket seems gorgeous – I need it in my wardrobe! I'm the same when it comes to the idea of a photographer boyfriend – my Mom shoots my outfit posts, haha. : )

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment Hannah. I love the jacket, might have had something to do with it being in the sale too 😉 ha! I literally shove my camera in the hands of anyone who's near me and tell them to click away. My mum is usually my main target too! 🙂


  2. Amy Goodeve says:

    Oh I love your shoes and your jacket, lovely outfit. xxx

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