OOTD: Lazy Sunday at the market


If there’s one thing I love about London – apart from the fresh air, clean streets, polite inhabitants and cheery banter on the tube – it’s the markets. Perfect at any time of the year, even better on a lazy Sunday!

If it’s quirky jewellery, vintage fashion, arts and crafts and just a general variety you’re after, Camden Market is a good’un.

If you love antiques and David Dickinson is your dream dinner date (if such a person actually exists, please let me know…or re-evaluate your life, or get yourself some help, ASAP!) then Caledonian Market, Bermondsey square is your best bet.

If you’re a bit of a cheese connoisseur – which I’m definitely not, give me a cheese string any day of the week! – are looking for great quality produce, and somewhere which is also amazing at Christmas time, (think mulled wine and apple cider, turkey’s galore, roasted chestnuts) Borough Market is your best pick.

But for me, the biggest all rounder and one that’s conveniently on my doorstep…is Greenwich Market. Packed with stalls full of antiques, clothes, jewellery, arts and crafts…and most importantly amazing food! (a lot of gluten-free options too which obviously scored major points with me. Mini pancakes, crepes, a whole GF stall full – Ruby Tuesday – of cupcakes, cookies, loafs…now that’s what I’m talking about!) I love the Greenwich area in general and could quite easily spend hours walking around the market, park, little boutiques etc….which is exactly what I did yesterday.

Here’s what I wore, don’t get too excited, I’m sure you won’t…

Switching to my most attractive side, i.e any side in which my face is no longer visible. Ta dah! Much better…
 Just popping in for a chat with David Cameron. Can you imagine? Prime minister meets random girl, tottering about taking photo’s on the street, like a major tit!

Top: New Look
Gilet: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Primark (practically impossible for me to wear an outfit which doesn’t include a primark item)
Boots: Linzi (arrghh the snob in me is cringing to death writing that but hey, £20 in the sale, you can’t go wrong!)
Bag: Mulberry
Ridiculously uncoordinated girl who always looks about 2 seconds away from face planting the ground: that, of course, would be me!

 If you have any favourite London markets, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.
Hope you enjoyed this post guys, thanks so much for reading!

15 responses to “OOTD: Lazy Sunday at the market”

  1. Yay you're posting a lot more often elle. I love your style and always look forward to what you wear 🙂 alice x

  2. DaisyBee says:

    I love the gilet (and of course the mulberry!). I love markets too, although those around me are usually a saturday morning and most of time time everyone is packing up by the time I have made it out of bed! x

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Thanks Daisy, I'm practically surgically attached to the mulberry, trying to forget about how much I paid and make the 'price per wear' £1 ha!

      Same here, luckily greenwich is still pretty busy all day so I don't have to haul myself out of bed early!


  3. Anonymous says:

    No pigeons this time lol

  4. Alabama says:

    Hi! I LOVE your blog, don't feel too ashamed about the snob in you, everyone love's a bargain!

    have a look at mine if you get a chance



    • Ellie Adams says:

      Hi Alabama, thanks so much for your comment. You've made me feel much better, everyone does love a bargain don't they?!

      Of course, will be sure to check your blog out too 🙂


  5. Sherrie Cola says:

    I'm loving gilets at the moment 🙂

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