OOTD: A pop of colour


A pop of colour. God, I bloody hate that phrase! I’ve got nothing against anyone that uses it, it completely makes sense, a lot of the time it’s the best/only way to describe an outfit, makeup look etc. but, I personally just can’t help but feel like – how can I put this in the most eloquent way I know to be possible – a bit of a….knob, when saying it! My English teacher must be so proud….

Pops, knobs and English teachers aside (I defy you to find a more random/wrong sentence than that!) as boring as it is, I am a massive fan of neutral colours. Blacks, greys, beige, navy’s…if it’s neutral, it’s got my name on it. Neutrals are safe, easy, effortless (we all know that effortless translates to: I’m a lazy bitch, I want to shove something on without even thinking about it) but sometimes you’ve just got to break it up a bit, add a ‘pop of colour’, break the mold, or in my case…try not to look as if I’m off to a funeral.

Cue a poor attempt to add some colour into my life, weird tights and roots to rival the whomping willow (shout out to Harry Potter…I am so cool!)

‘Reppin’ Austin Powers with the floral print. Feel free to punch me in the face for just writing ‘reppin’, that word is never acceptable. Ever, ever, ever (getting Taylor Swift in on the act now!)

Cropped Jumper that was definitely not desinged for  windy days: H&M
Skirt that was also not designed for the wind, resulting in many ‘Marilyn moments’: Primark
Gilet: New Look
Tights: Primark
Boots: so old I genuinely don’t even remember where they’re from, and the name has rubbed off. Yeah, that old!

So there you have my pathetic attempt of ‘adding colour’ to my all black outfits. I might not be giving Lady Gaga a run for her money yet but, I have just bought a neon yellow shirt. I know, where is boring beige Elle, and what have you done to her?!
Hope you enjoyed this post everyone, thanks so much for reading! Oh, and said neon shirt I’m sure will be featuring in a post soon. There’s a climax and a half for you, I bet you’re all hanging off the edge of your seats.
If Carlsberg did sarcastic comments….

14 responses to “OOTD: A pop of colour”

  1. I like your pop of color ha ha. Love the skirt, primark is so good! Alice x

  2. Shout out to Harry Potter! 🙂
    This outfit is gorgeous, looking forward for that yellow shirt! 🙂

    xx MJ

  3. Meg Kerr says:

    Holy amazing legs for days! You look incredible. And those boots are to die for. Keep up the great work!!
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  4. Emily says:

    omg that outfit is so nice! the skirt is lovely. i love the textures. you're gorgeous!xx

  5. You are hilarious! I laugh at myself every time I say or write that so I totally get it. I do, however, love your skirt it's definitely eye-catching and you look fabulous in it!

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