REVIEW: If it’s good enough for Millie Mackintosh…


Despite never having watched ‘Made in Chelsea’ – well, apart from about 10seconds which happened to feature the infamous “getting up in my grill” quote, therefore resulting in a swift channel switch – I am just a little bit obsessed with Millie Mackintosh.

For starters, her fashion sense. Her style is absolutely spot on for me, I would quite happily wear 99% of the outfits I’ve ever seen her in (it would have been 100% if she hadn’t rocked that tux…)

Then there’s who she is. No, I’m not talking about being ‘Pro Green’s girlfriend’, no I’m not talking about being an ‘It Girl’, I’m talking Millie Mackintosh – heir to the Quality Street throne. Err…hello life time supply of green triangle chocolates!

But, jokes aside, there is one trait of old Millie’s that I would quite happily swap all my possessions for and that is her perfect make up and skin. Yes, that makes me possibly the most superficial person in the world but no, I don’t care! Without sounding like a complete and utter name dropping tosspot, I actually met Millie whilst working on the X-Factor, backstage at a Professor Green gig and I can 100% confirm that she is just as flawless in real life as she is on screen. Bitch! Just kidding…

Anyway, the purpose of this post isn’t to expose me as a sad Millie wannabe – although shamefully that would probably be pretty accurate – it’s actually to tell you about a certain skin care item that Millie credits for that bloody perfect skin of hers and my new absolute skin saviour. Girls, let me introduce you to Manuka Doctor’s Apiclear skin treatment serum. Try saying that when you’re drunk….

So what is this product with the world’s longest name and what the hell does it do? I’ll let Manuka tell you, and then I’ll chip in with my thoughts yeah? Sound like a plan? Great, just what I like to hear…

A light weight oil-free face serum that provides relief & helps refine the skin’s texture. Its super hydrating properties assist with cell regeneration & reducing the appearance of fine lines & scars.  A fantastic beauty product containing purified bee venom to help eliminate the break out of spots and blemishes.”

Bee Venom? Now that sounds like my sort of product. So, let’s start with the texture. The Apiclear serum is more like a thick gel, however when you smooth it over the skin and give it a minute or so, it sinks in and feels completely weightless. I personally f**king hate can’t stand any sticky skincare products, let alone face products, so this is a dream in terms of texture for me.

I’m not going to go into packaging. I’m sorry, that might make me a shite blogger – that’s not the only thing that makes you a shite blogger love I hear you all scream – but, I just personally couldn’t care less what a product looks like. To me, the only thing that matters is whether it lives up to it’s claims. Oh, and the price. Pikey of the year award goes to….thank you, thank you very much!

So, does it live up to it’s claims? Well actually, it does! *cue my purse and guilty conscience breaking out into song “Haaaa-le-lujah!* Within a week of using this product once a day (you can use it twice but I didn’t feel the need to) my skin felt smoother, looked brighter, clearer and just generally more awake. In other words, it transformed me from a corpse like Ugly Betty to an alive and awake Ugly Betty. I also have slightly oily skin and I did notice that I was shiny (less like a disco ball to be frank) by the end of the day. Win bloody win in my eyes!

Now, the price. This little Bee-uty (see what I did there? Oh god, that was awful, truly awful. Apologies!) will set you back £18.99, and coming from somebody whose wardrobe consists of 90% Primark clothing, that is pretty extortionate. But, I do think it’s worth it. I had a couple of ‘hormonal blemishes’ (rank ‘time of the month’ spots for anyone whose not a man/grossed out by ‘girly’ talk) and it more or less got rid of those little shits bad boys in a day. Scarring and all, pretty good by anyone’s standard!

I’ll start wrapping this up now as I’m beginning to bore myself – always the sign of a brilliant blog post you  tit – so overall, my first array into Bee venom has been an extremely successful one. In terms of improving my appearance, this is the best thing since putting a bag over my head! If it’s reduced pores, less grease shine, clearer, brighter skin you’re looking for…I’d give this one a go. If it’s transforming your face into Millie Mackintosh’s you’re after, you can join me…in my bloody dreams!

Manuka Doctor is available at Holland and Barratt’s, in store and online here 
As ever, if you made it to this point in the post without nodding off, you’re all legends…and thank you! I really hope you all found this helpful guys, thank you so much for reading!

6 responses to “REVIEW: If it’s good enough for Millie Mackintosh…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Elle I was wondering if being a celiac gives you skin problems? I am a celiac too and being glutend makes my skin horrible! Em x

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Hi Em, so strange you asking that as I was only talking about that to somebody the other day.

      If I get glutened (luckily it's not too often now) my face can get a bit dry. Nothing major though.

      A friend of mine gets terrible rashes and skin sores so I count myself lucky!


  2. You don't need to look like Millie elle, you are lovely as you are 🙂 x

  3. Nadya Helena says:

    LOL on the bee venom. Sometimes those makeup companies just know the right way to mindblow our heads off. BUT I'd still try it though, if Millie says so

    eyeshadow illustrator
    The Dilly Chic

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Haha tell me about it, all companies seem to be going for the shock factor these days with their marketing.

      But as you say, if Millie says so…it's the way to go! 🙂


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