REVIEW: Illamasqua I’mperfection nail polish in Speckle


I am a massive nail polish whore. My collection is so ridiculous that I’d actually go as far to say it was a big as Kim Kardashian’s ego. Well, maybe it’s not that big…

I am also a massive chocolate fiend. I could quite easily pass on 99% of ‘candy’ sweets out there, but waft a bit of chocolate under my nose…and I will quite literally bite your arm off for it. I truly believe that if somebody dangled a packet of Mini eggs in front of my face and started running, I could probably run a marathon chasing after it. Erm, that’s actually a massive lie slight exaggeration, I can just about make it up the stairs without being doubled over with breathlessness.

Anyway, I didn’t start this post to expose myself as being as superficial as Paris Hilton and as fit as an 80year old who’s smoked all their life (although that’s a pretty fit description) the point of this post is to tell you that the genius’ behind Illamasqua have managed to combine two of my favourite things in the world, and come up with a product that feels like it was made just for me. And probably 99% of bloggers out there, but it doesn’t make you feel as special when you think of it like that does it?

Introducing Illamasqua’s I’mperfection Nail polish in Speckle…

Shot s of the product, check! Shots of the nails? check! Close ups to show the colour/texture, check!
Extremely cheesy and unoriginal of painted fingers holding an empty, bashed up box of mini eggs?…..

…..check mate!

Now, let’s be honest. These limited edition nail polishes are a real ‘Marmite’ product, you either love them or hate them – err, state the obvious you tit! – and me? I bloody love them! Not only do I love the colour (which is opaque in 2coats by the way) and effect, but they also last pretty well. When I’m at work I spend a lot of time picking up and lugging around heavy equipment, lights, camera’s (action), stands, props – oh yeah, don’t be fooled by the weedy arms, I’m like Arnold Schwarzenegger on the inside HA! – so the fact that this went 3 (full and long) days on my nails without a single chip speaks volumes in itself. At a pricey £14.50 this is not the cheapest of nail polishes out there (understatement of the bloody year love) but…I do love it. And, come Easter, spring time and when I’m in adventurous mood, this will be the first polish I go to. If this isn’t me trying to justify my spending ban fail then I don’t know what is…

I’ll start to round this up as I could genuinely waffle of on about nail polish forever – I understand that means I seriously need to get a life – so, to conclude; long lasting, opaque and unique, and coming from a girl that has at least 100 nail polishes…that’s saying something!

So, what do we all think of these polishes? Considering purchasing one, bought one already? I’d love to hear you thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, thanks so much for reading!

8 responses to “REVIEW: Illamasqua I’mperfection nail polish in Speckle”

  1. Oh my that is lovely, very unusual 😀 x

  2. Pour Moi says:

    Love your writing style ellie!!! So friendly.

    I love the polish but I found a girl who recreated this look with normal nail varnish and a nail art pen 🙂 x

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Thank you so much, really appreciate that!

      Oh no don't tell me that, paying £14.50 was hard enough as it is haha! I think it would b pretty hard to create the exact effect though, well…that's what I'm telling myself anyway!


  3. Louise x says:

    I love the look of this! I've never tried any Illamasqua products so I'll definitely have to start saving towards some now 🙂

    Thanks for sending me your blog link, now following 😀

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Thanks so much Louise. Definitely check out Illamasqua, they're one brand that I do think are genuinely different to the rest. I'm eyeing up more blushes and lippies!


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