*Warning* – Self indulgent TV post alert. Apologies in advance!


Oh god, sorry guys, it’s that time again. “What time is it?” I hear you all ask. No – sorry to disappoint – it’s not Chico time! (anyone outside of the UK/not into the X-Factor – which I’m well aware probably cancels out 99% out the people reading this – I completely understand you will not have a clue who he is but believe me, you’re not missing out)

I could roll on forever telling you what time it isn’t but in reality, all I’m doing is putting off the inevitable. Which is basically little old me, posting a little old picture…and turning it into a self-indulgent post. I kind of (read: definitely do) feel like a cringey, up my own arse, full of myself twat for posting this, I can only hope you forgive me. And preferably, don’t label me a complete and utter arse.

Chico, X-Factor and arse holes aside – there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write – for the past 3 weeks I’ve been working away on a show called ‘The Only Way is Essex’ which I am absolutely loving (it is also the reason I’ve hardly blogged in the last few weeks…but let’s not dwell on the bad things…err, like you normally do love) which also happened to ‘premiere’ – check me out, making it sound like some kind of Oscar nominated film – last night. I’m a geek, a nerd and an absolute loser at heart – which you 100% would have gathered if you’ve read any of my previous posts – and I still get embarrassingly happy when the credits roll up at the end. Oh, don’t worry though, I wouldn’t be a big enough tit to take a picture on my phone and upload it on my blog. Jesus, who would do that?!?! ……………………………………………..

…….Erm, this major tit over here would.

Apologies. I do comletely understand that nobody in the universe would find this exciting, or this post even interesting at that, but I’m sticking with my NYR (New Year’s resolution…love a good abbreviation) to blog about things that I want to, and not be swayed by what other people may want to read. Anyway, if nobody enjoys this…I’m sure my mum, and probably my nan will. 2 people are better than none eh?

Thanks so much for reading guys, this post – sticking to my TV roots – is a wrap! *cringes to the point of physical pain* I would absolute love to know if anyone watched the show, if you did, tell me what you think?! Go on…I can take it!

5 responses to “*Warning* – Self indulgent TV post alert. Apologies in advance!”

  1. Love this! I looked out for your name on the credits too on last nights episode, and was really excited to see your name!! It must be great to see your name there!

    Would love to know how it is working for TOWIE as I know the team have a pretty demanding schedule, with it being filmed, edited and aired within a few days. Are you on set a lot of the time? xx

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Ahh thanks Scarlett, a couple of people said they looked out for me, so funny!

      Yeah it's pretty bloody manic. We shoot everyday for around 6weeks so it's a busy old time!


  2. Nadya Helena says:

    I always love reading your posts Elle! They're witty and fun to read. Nothing wrong with being a little self indulgent and proud from time to time, as long as it's still in the healthy, non arse way.

    If I ever saw my name… like anywhere on TV I would roll as happy as a tuna sandwich. I'd probably call on a few people myself to make sure they catch my name too. That… is an arseful self indulgence if I may say.

    eyeshadow illustrator
    the dilly chic

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