OOTD: Black Milk Wannabe’s, TOWIE cameo’s and a Hashtag Overload!


I love a good celebration (and no, I don’t mean the chocolate kind…although I do bloody love them too) I am a firm believer in celebrating and ‘rewarding’ myself for pretty much any insignificant event that happens in my life. There’s nothing like a good incentive to give you the motivation to, I don’t know…revise harder for exams, (doesn’t apply to me) train harder for a certain event, (definitely doesn’t apply to me) or even just to get you through a shitty crappy week. (Now this situation, 100% applies to me)

Which leads me nicely onto some prime examples of this completely ridiculous way of thinking. Last week happened to be a shitty week, which in reality, isn’t great – #BrainsOfBritain #MoveOverEinstein #BloggerPleaseBanMeFromUsingPoxyHashtags – however, it also meant that a trip to the shops to cheer myself up/give myself a boost/make me snap out of being a silly prat, was absolutely on the cards.

Here’s my completely average and not post worthy outfit worn to said shopping trip. Don’t get too excited, no really…

Oh, Hi there stray bit of hair that’s planted itself right in front of my face. Thanks for ruining 1 of very few ‘acceptable’ pictures. I know what you’re thinking ‘These are acceptable?…Poor cow!’
I wonder if Black Milk are pissed about the fact that Primark are ripping of their leggings? Well, they might be, but at literally less than 1/10 of the price, I’m bloody not!

Top: Primark*
Black milk wannabe leggings: Primark*
Boots that I am physically attached to: Ever Yours
Jacket: Topshop

* I am not sponsored or sent free clothes from Primark, I am just a massive tight arse who loves a bargain!

Now, I get a lot of people telling me how lucky I am to work in the industry that I do. And you know what, 99% of the time, they’re right. (Probably less than that but I won’t write it just in case any of my employers see this I sound ungrateful, ha!) “So, that 1%…?” you’re all thinking…actually love we’re all thinking ‘can you stop rambling and finish the bloody post?’ Well I tell you what, they often say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll let a picture – a screen shot from TOWIE the other night to me precise, #loser – do the speaking (….and probably add in the thousand words after, this is me after all!)

Can you hear that? What’s that noise? Oh, sorry about that, it’s just the fashion police coming to arrest me for committing the biggest crime to fashion! I feel the need to explain this absolutely horrendous get up here – by the way if you haven’t spotted me already, I am the absolute tit with the hood up, holding a clipboard and wearing my now worse for wear brown Mulberry bag – that day in Essex, it was -3degrees, snowing all day and I was literally so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes. So yes, for one day and one day only, a ski jacket (with the hood up)….was allowed! So as I was saying, 99% of the time I do love my job, but on occasions like this? My fingers and toes definitely wished I worked in River Island. Or any other shop. Or basically anywhere that isn’t outside!
Hope you enjoyed this post guys, as always thank you so much for reading!

11 responses to “OOTD: Black Milk Wannabe’s, TOWIE cameo’s and a Hashtag Overload!”

  1. Woop I love these leggings elle, and from primark even better!! Alice xx

  2. Sarah Nunn says:

    Love your leggings! If you'd told me they were Black Milk I'd have believed you.
    Also, I think it's impossible to like your job 100% of the time!


  3. You look amazing as always and you should be rewarding yourself!!!

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