OOTD: First array into brights, tree legs and rivaling Subo!


When it comes to bright colours, I’m about as much of a virgin as Susan Boyle (Sorry Subo, love ya really!) Yep, if you’re talking black, navy, grey, maroon or basically any kind of neutral colour – I should have just said neutrals really shouldn’t I? Yeah, you know I love a ramble… – then you’re my friend. If you’re bright pink (I have an extreme dislike of pink) red, or god forbid a neon yellow, then you might as well go….*wacks out my best Gloria Gaynor impression* walk out the door, just turn around now, you’re not welcome anymore… Oh I do love a golden oldie!

However, after seeing Neon being banded about everywhere; fashion blogs, magazines, street style and especially London Fashion Week – let’s face it, if a dictionary had pictures, a Neon Beanie would be next to ‘Bandwagon’ – so I thought I’d roll with it (see what I did there? bandwagon, roll…OK I’ll shutup now!) and embrace the brights. Ladies, say hello to a more colourful me. Well, for today anyway…

I love everything about these leggings. Comfortable? tick. Unique pattern? tick. Lovely textures? tick. And the most amazing thing of all? No camel toe in sight. Tick, tick, tick!

By the way, on a serious note – I know, I can actually do serious believe it or not! – can someone please explain to me why in every bloody shop that is full of monochrome, there is nearly always a royal blue colour item with it?! I know brights/blues are a great way to brighten up/clash against a monochrome outfit’s still not monochrome is it? I don’t know, I’m waffling, I’m rambling, I’m talking shit rubbish, basically…I’m just being me. But does anyone agree though?

Jumper that should come with a Sunglasses warning sign: Topshop
Leggings which are basically a monochrome tree: Topshop
Boots that still result in me walking like Bambi: Ever Yours

Can I also just point out that this outfit contains absolute NO Primark items whatsoever. If anybody has read my blog/knows me, you will know that this achievement is practically equivalent to Oprah running a marathon. I feel over the moon and tragic, all at the same time!

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. Thank you so much for reading!


18 responses to “OOTD: First array into brights, tree legs and rivaling Subo!”

  1. Such a fab outfit love it! love your leggings!

    Stephanie xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit, these leggings are amazing xx

  3. Emmy says:

    Your seriously hilarious and mate, you look sooo good on this outfit. Love-it-all-big-time x

  4. Amy Goodeve says:

    I love this outfit, the blue looks amazing with the black and white. hahaa, I love a golden oldie too. xxx

  5. Aedan says:

    Ahhh! What a great outfit!

  6. Love this outfit so jealous of your hair!.
    I have a GIVEAWAY running if you would like to enter :).

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