OOTD: Banana’s in Pjyama’s inspired…you read that right!


I think it’s probably the same in any industry, in any walk of life in fact that you’re going to come across ‘banter’ from time to time. In the industry I’m in however, I kind of feel like if you haven’t “got banter” you may as well start considering another career. Unless you can put up with being taken the piss mickey out of on a regular basis, without saying anything back that is…(or maybe I’ve just landed jobs with a lot of ‘blokey banter’ or..maybe I’ve just got one of those faces that people like to mug off – take the p**s out of for anybody who’s not as common as muck as I am from London or nearby) …I am definitely going with the latter.

So with that in mind, I am mentally preparing myself to get an absolute ribbing/constant flow of verbal abuse for the following outfit. Bearing in mind the last time I wore my stripy trousers I was called “candy cane” “stick of rock” “zebra” and a whole other variety of ridiculous stripey objects all day, I can only imagine what derogatory nickname I will receive the day I wear/if I wear the below outfit. I’d say “Curtains” “Security” or “Banana’s in Pyjamas” is a pretty safe bet. On second thoughts, that’s probably a bit too polite.

Onto the outfit. Disclaimer – you will need to wack on the nearest pair on sunglasses you can find. If you don’t, when you’re blinded by my lairy, neon, bordering on unacceptable shirt…don’t say I didn’t warn you!

No people of England, the sun hasn’t come out – yeah right, more chance of me going out in an outfit that isn’t neutral…oh, awkward… – it’s just little old me, branching out (well, attempting to anyway) of my very limited comfort zone!

 Now for a little bit more of a close up of the trousers. Apologies in advance for the near crotch/camel toe shot. Girl (trying to show off what the trousers look like) has gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do! Yeah…thanks for that love!

Now, these trousers. I genuinely never thought I’d have the balls – or even want – to attempt to pull these off.  (Don’t worry, I am well aware that I am definitely not ‘pulling these off’…theoretically speaking of course, that would be a bit awkward if I just started undressing on camera *cue Full Monty theme tune* Da da da dah.) What was I saying? Oh yes, pulling them off. I don’t think I’ve worn a pair of trousers that aren’t sausage in the skin super skinny in about 5 years so I was worried that my scrawny legs would be a bit ‘swamped’ by these. Thankfully they’re a lot less Harem like than I feared (sorry girls, I’m just not a harem fan) meaning they are just about acceptable. Long live drain pipe jeans!

Oh, while I’m here, shout out to Essie’s cult classic Mint Candy Apple – shout out? who do I think I am, a bloody DJ? what a knob – which has been on my nails (not sure where else I thought you could put it) for 8, yes 8 days now. No chips, only the slightest tip wear on 1 finger. Amazing in my books, and that’s coming from a girl who has more nail polish than Miranda Kerr gets Daily Mail online headlines. Yeah….impressive!

Security guard High Vis inspired shirt: Forever 21
Trousers to blame for my inevitable “Curtains” nickname: Primark (where else? #bargainbabe)
Shoes: Office
Battered and just about readable watch: Michael Kors
Cuff: H&M

Would it be a bit ‘knob-ish’ to applaud myself for being a bit more ‘out there’ with my outfit today? Yes, but you’re probably going to do it anyway You’re right, I am gonna do it anyway. If you’d have told me I would’ve been seen dead gone out in this ensemble I’d have probably called you mad. But here I am, giving security guards and curtain/wallpaper shops a run for their money! Oh how times have changed….until my next OOTD when I will be no doubt be back to black *cue Amy Winehouse* “We only said goodbye with words…” Sorry, I’ll give up with the tunes now.

So, what are your takes on the neon/paisley trend guys? Feeling it, tried it out yourselves? If you have I’d love it if you could leave your links in the comments so I can cry that everybody can pull it off a thousand times better than I can take inspiration from you.
Hope you enjoyed this post guys. As always, thanks so much for reading 🙂

29 responses to “OOTD: Banana’s in Pjyama’s inspired…you read that right!”

  1. Sarah says:

    lovely outfit 🙂 you have gorgeous hair! now following your blog 🙂

  2. Such a great outfit! I love those trousers.

  3. Love the trousers and how you've styled them with the neon shirt, I want this whole outfit!xx

  4. The Spot says:

    I love your blouse. the colour is stunning 🙂


  5. Love that blouse, and your hair….well lets just say I'm off to cry about mine right now! Xxx

  6. Oh that outfit is so fun! Hold your head up high and fire back at them!

  7. Carissa says:

    Lovee the blouse, the colour is amazing!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  8. Oumayma TFD says:

    I love the neon top on the trousers! Soo cool!


  9. Emmy says:

    Your blog cracks me up! You look so good too, love the outfit and your hair gives me waves of envy x

  10. Ellie Adams says:

    Ahh thanks love. I use Enrapture totem on my hair, bloody love them!


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  12. Love the look so much, those pants are gorgeoous!

    xx MJ

  13. Noorulla says:

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