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Sometimes in life, sad, unexplainable things happen. We can’t always put our fingers on why, or how, we can’t always get the closure we so desperately crave. Loss is such a terrible thing and each and every one of us deals with it in or own different ways.

I was confronted with those feelings this week.

R.I.P Laguna, you’ve served me well!

First I cried (pure exaggeration, although I wasn’t far off) then I got angry (slight exaggeration, although the tight arse in me does not appreciate expensive products coming to an end) and then I pulled myself together, got my still not Beyonce sized arse in gear and got myself to the shops within the hour (no exaggeration at all. My face – Nars Laguna = Corpse-like skin. Sexy…)

Now, as much as I love my Nars Laguna an embarrassing amount, there are just so many bronzers out there and the natural shopaholic, superficial cow, beauty junkie beauty blogger in me had to branch out and try something new. I mean, it would be rude – to all the other brands out there – not to wouldn’t it? Yep, that’s exactly what I thought too.

This week I have also played tour guide for one of my Canadian family members that has come over to visit and of course, no good tour guide would leave out a trip to Oxford St – and more specifically Selfridges, House of Fraser and John Lewis – would they? No, they wouldn’t. So, all in the name of trying to be a good tour guide, we took a trip to my mecca, my second homes, my happy place ‘the power three’ just to finish off the whole tourist experience. And obviously it had nothing to do with the fact that my bronzer died on me and I didn’t fancy looking like a ghost/corpse for much longer. Nothing at all…

After much browsing of just about every beauty counter, a hand so caked in Bronzer swatches that I looked like I’d been gardening and many dirty looks from many beauty assistants – am I the only one who gets the ‘my s**t don’t smell’ vibe? – I ended up at Chanel.

Welcome to ‘the Elle next door’  Soleil Tan de Chanel…where have you been all my life?

Ahh the cons of having shocking eye sight (not that there’s any perks either) looking back at pictures and realising you – and you’re ratty barnet – are in the reflection. Screw you shiny packaging, screw you!

I’ve never tried this bronzer before, or any cream bronzer like this as it goes so I was a bit dubious to begin with – which isn’t the best feeling when you’ve just forked out £31 *faints on the floor for the second time* – but thank the lord, I had no reason to be. Because I absolutely love this bad boy. Why? Well, give me a bloody chance and I’ll tell you 😉

The texture and application – probably one of my favourite things about the product is the texture. It really is so creamy – not that you’d ever guess, you know, with it being a cream bronzer and all that… – which in turn, makes it so blendable and easy to work with and coming from a clumsy tit like myself, that can make hard work of the easiest things, that really does say something! I use it with either a Real Techniques buffing brush (more for overall bronzing) or a Real Techniques countour brush (if I fancy a bit more of ‘Kim Kardashian chiselled cheek effect. Who am I kidding? It’s a bronzer, not a miracle worker. *Sighs*)

Colour and longevity – I’m not gonna lie, when I first twisted off the – beautifully designed – lid (which just makes you feel classy by the way doesn’t it? not that I will ever be considered classy. Ever!) my first thoughts were “I wonder if Willy Wonka’s got room for another Oompa Loompa in his chocolate factory?” Yeah, I had a horrible feeling this bad boy was going to make me resemble a muddy carrot but, do you know what? Chanel pulled it out the bag with this one. Natural, even, dark enough to make a difference (on my nc25-nc30 skin) but not too dark that you’re bordering on Katie Price. Also a massive thumbs up for the longevity, 9hours later and it genuinely looked no different to how it did when I first applied it. Score!!

So, I reckon that’s about it when it comes to my embarrassing gushes review for this product. I suppose all that’s left is to show you a picture of on it, you know, so you can really get an idea of just what the product does. I know I find that really useful when I’m reading other bloggers reviews of certain products so I hope it’s the same for you too. Here’s Soleil tan de Chanel in it’s full glory…

Isn’t it amazing? I thought so too, life changing! No, on a serious note I wasn’t lucky enough to end up looking like the above, I also wasn’t lucky enough to get a good enough picture (story of my life) so I’ve cropped a shockingly bad photo from an outfit picture I attempted yesterday. We all know this a crap attempt of trying to show you the product but just humour me for a moment and say you can see what I’m getting at yeah? Brilliant, you lot are the best 😉
If I can’t have Kim Kardashian’s arse, I may as well try and achieve her cheek bones. Well, I did say try!

Have any of you lovely lot tried Chanel’s Soleil tan de Chanel? (jesus, what a mouthful!) Any devoted Nars Laguna lovers out there? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Hope you all enjoyed this post guys. As always, thanks so much for reading!

20 responses to “REVIEW: An introduction to Chanel”

  1. I have this but have no idea how to use it..what brush did you use?xxx

  2. Jezz Dallas says:

    I love both! And I agree, it would be rude to not try all the other wonderful products out there..I call myself a makeup collector, so I kinda HAVE to get more stuff… :)) You look gorgeous btw…

  3. Genna says:

    I absolutely love Chanel Bronze Universal, its by far my favourite bronzer and when you consider how much you get product wise compared to other ones the price tag doesn't feel as pricey 30g compared to 8g haha! xxx

  4. This looks amazing! I agree that all these wonderful products need to be tried!

  5. Love how funny your posts are! I recently bought Laguna and I'm s happy with it! I haven't touched my other bronzers

  6. Maria K. says:

    Love this bronzer! My eftpos card was weeping as I paid for it though! Do you use it all over your face or just as a contour?

    Blindly Beautiful

  7. haha, thoroughly enjoyed reading this review. I'm glad you found such a good replacement for your beloved Laguna. I know the pain of finishing a favourite product well 🙁 I also know about the need to try something new afterwards!

    I stopped by after you sent me your link in a #bbloggers chat 🙂 would LOVE for you to check my blog out too –

    Emily Jane xo

  8. Amy McCann says:

    I want to eat it! Just me? It may not have made you look like you came from the chocolate factory but it certainly does. It looks yummy haha.
    Sounds like a very nice product but don't think my horrid pale skin would work with it at all 🙁
    I feel like I get the "my shit doesn't smell" looks also.

    Got your blog post from the #bbloggers chat tonight. I'll be following.
    Feel free to check out my blog 🙂

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Haha it does look good enough to eat doesn't it? I absolutely love it but I wouldn't really recommend it if you have really pale skin Amy.

      Thanks so much for following, of course I'll check yours out lovely!


  9. Catherine S says:

    I love both Laguna and Soleil Tan de Chanel. I need to wear my Chanel more often- your cheekbones look amazing in the pics xxx

  10. jccx says:

    I've always wanted to try Nars' Laguna but when I got up close and personal, I noticed this shimmer that I didn't like.. so I moved on and tried Benefit's Hoola (on my second now). I'm a bronzer kinda girl so when I hit pan I'm definitely going to try Chanel's.

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