OOTD: “You are not going out in that!”


Some outfits are just made for those over-protective glares. You know the ones I mean (well, you probably don’t seeing as this post has just started and I’ve already started waffling a load of bull…but I’ll tell you now anyway) The looks I mean are the ones that anybody with a dad, brother, uncle – basically any male member of the family, you get the gist – will have known and seen a thousand times before. The “you are not going out in that” look.

Today’s outfit is one that I knew, even before I put it on and was just thinking about it in my head, would absolutely, definitely, for certain, 1trillion% (Oh I do love a good adjective) earn me one those looks.

Cue “you are no longer my sister” “I disown you as a daughter” “you look like a slut!” outfit (before anyone thinks I have a family worthy of Jeremy Kyle airtime, I am actually exaggerating!)

The Shoes. Ohh the shoes, I am – as completely sad and lame that I know this is going to sound – completely in love with them. I’d been after a pair of strappy blue sandals for a while and good old Zara (the shop, not a person, if you’re slow on the up take…like myself) pulled it out the bag with these. Royal blue (one of my favourite colours), high enough to look amazing but not too high to make you a Bambi-esque person (again…like myself) fall arse over tit, and gold ‘hardware’ which just straddles line between classy and ever ever so slightly tacky. They are *wack out your best Cheryl Cole geordie accent again* right up my street…

Crop top (who else feels like 6yrs old again using that term?): Primark
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes that made me ‘eek’ in store…consequently making me look like a complete tit: Zara

Before anyone gets offended because they’ve worn a similar outfit and I’ve basically said the men in my life think I looked like some sort of trollop, just to reassure you that you – or we – don’t (at least I hope we don’t?) I could be wearing a burka and they would still think I was showing too much flesh. Some call it over-protective, some call it annoying, I call it a pain in my – very nearly on show when I bent over – arse!

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. Sorry I’ve gone all MIA – is it sad that I still feel like a Kardashian saying that? actually, don’t answer that – on the blog front again. I’ve spent the last 2weeks working on Geordie Shore (I know!) which true to TV form has been as crazy as ever. I’d like to say I’ll get my arse in gear and plan posts in advance on days off but…we all know that with all the blogs and YouTubers that I need to catch up on, that’s definitely probably not going to happen 😉 In the mean time, as always, thanks so much for reading!

31 responses to “OOTD: “You are not going out in that!””

  1. EmilyGrace says:

    You look gorgeous!
    I wore an outfit almost identical to this a couple of weekends ago with the same top, a black skirt and black boots!! 🙂

  2. Sarah Nunn says:

    I know that look only too well haha…
    You look great though!

  3. You hair looks amazing here! I loooove this outfit and the shoes are just …. sorry I was swooning! Haha xx

  4. Maria K. says:

    Zara has some amazingly squee-worthy shoes right now. If it makes you feel less like a tit, I almost knocked some poor little Japanese girl over whilst trying to get to a pair I'd seen and been dying to try on.

    Also, is it okay to say that I love Geordie Shore? Because I love me some trashy TV and GS is my current love. Vicky actually wears things I would totally wear, if I had the bod for them; I think she's just stunning. SORRYNOTSORRY.

    Blindly Beautiful

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Hahaha Maria that's hilarious, thanks for telling me because I defo feel less of a tit now 😉

      You sure can say that, I've got a secret soft spot for the cast now. I'm all about SORRYNOTSORRY!


  5. Emmy says:

    You look killer! Probs the longest legs ever seen! X

  6. Love your look so much, you look amazing! 😀

    xx MJ

  7. Hey lovely 🙂

    Just discovered your blog (I don't know why I hadn't sooner!), new follower though yay! Loooove your posts & outfits, need to take some tips from you! Also been reading your old posts about working on X-Factor last year, and I've honestly lost count of the amount of times I've been at that Studio to see the live shows haha, (queueing all day outside in the rain is never fun..) but it was definitely worth for those weeks that we did go! Must've been surreal working it! Hope you're well anyway just thought I'd leave a little comment <3 have followed you on twitter tooo 🙂

    S xo

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Hey Stephanie, thanks so much for your lovely comment and following. Ahh how funny is that, if you went last series or the series before, likelihood is you may have even see me there. You lot were amazing for queueing all that time in the cold and rain…so pleased you enjoyed it though! Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a lovely message 🙂


  8. Katie says:

    Haha laughed out loud reading this post. You look gorgeous though and the shoes are to-die-for

    Katie <3

  9. Kamila says:

    you look gorgeous! im your newest follower! 🙂

    Kamila xx

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