Vichy Idealia Life Serum Event – Better late than never!


When it comes to skincare, I could probably be likened to a bit of a slag, trollop, Katie Price, floozy. (Floozy? Is it possible to go to sleep a 20 year old girl and wake up an 80 year old granny?) Forever in search of ‘the one’ (excuse me whilst I’m sick in my mouth) I could literally chop and change on a day to day basis with my ridiculous skincare stash. However – yeah, it’s not an ‘Elle’ blog post without a big fat contradiction change of tune, I’ve been so happy with my skin care routine of late that I’ll never even sniff in the direction of another product again, let alone use or buy one.

What complete and utter bullshit rubbish!

Yes, whilst I am really happy with my current skincare, the product whore in me will never be satisfied, so when I was invited to a Vichy event recently by Hana, I lapped that s**t up and legged it over. (Literally, I was coming straight from work – you know that thing that I constantly blame for my lack of social life? Oh get over yourself you boring bitch – hence the sweaty, “I was in a rush, don’t judge my face” appearance)

The event was held in Centrepoint tower on the top floor (erm…OK, being totally honest I can’t remember which bloody floor it was on but I know it was riiight near the top, and very high up. Ladies and gents, I present you the biggest dumb arse of a blogger ever to exist. Ever!) And without sounding like a complete rambling ponce, the view, and just the venue in itself really were breath taking! (Yep, still feel like a complete tit using that phrase)

After entering the venue, having photo’s taking by their own professional photographer (which by the way, if anyone knows how I can get hold of one, please let me know in the comments below) and having alcohol shoved in our hands – and then forced down my throat, obviously – we were left to wander around the venue where there were Vichy samples and testers of all their cult products, and newly released lines scattered around everywhere. Shite terribly taken picture evidence below….

Love these Dermablend starter kit’s, it feels ever so slightly like having the Bobbi Brown university palette. Only the brand being totally different, the amount of concealers being less than 1/10 of Bobbi Brown’s, oh…and the fact that I’m about as far away from a professionally make up artist as humanly possible. So nothing like the Bobbi Brown university palette at all then…
Vichy’s new BB Cream. I’d heard so much about this (confessions of a sad, ‘need to get a life’ beauty tweets stalker!) and after chatting to some of the lovely Vichy ladies – we all know that means I’ve forgotten their names too, sorry ladies – I ended up being introduced to the lovely Julia who matched me up and sent a sample only a few days later. I’ve been using this ever since I received it and in short – of course I’ll do a full review asap but of course asap in ‘Ellie land’ will probably be in a year’s time. That was exaggeration Julia, it’ll be up soon, promise! *turns off Keeping up with Kardashian’s and starts writing* – I bloody love it!
The actual event in itself was the launch of Vichy’s Idealia Life Serum, as well as re-promoting their other cult ‘classics’ (another phrase, sure to make you feel like an absolute tit!) We were lucky enough to receive a full size sample of the serum and so far, I only have good things to say. Despite the fact that I am about 4weeks late posting about the event (story of my life) I haven’t used the serum consistently enough to judge whether it’s actually making a difference to my skin yet (jesus, over use of the old italics today or what?!) But of course, once I’ve made my extremely thickle mind up, there will be a review to follow. (…probably in a year’s time)
After many drinks, skin care chats and gossiping with lots of other bloggers (Tanya Burr also being one of them. Tanya Burr also being one that I didn’t have the balls to go up and talk to!) the lovely Scarlett, Sophy, Hana and I headed off to another event in Shoreditch. As per usual I could quite easily waffle into 2015 (I’m doing really well with my ‘try not to over-exaggerate’ news year’s resolution aren’t I?) so I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures instead. And a plug, check those girls blogs out because they’re brilliant. Oh I do love a good plug!
“What an absolute dick” poses – on my part – are completely acceptable in a photo booth aren’t they? Thank god for that!
And finally, because if there were pictures in a dictionary, I would be next to the word cliche, here’s my ‘snack’ at The Diner, Carnaby Street. 
So, to round up an extremely long, rambly and picture heavy post (can I use “could bore the arse off a donkey” as my blogging ‘USP’?) I just want to end by saying a massive to thank you to Vichy and Hana, for inviting me and putting on such an amazing event! I genuinely had a brilliant time, met some lovely people and discovered some fantastic new products. (And no, I didn’t just challenge myself to squeeze as many adjectives into one sentence as humanly possible) 
If you went along to the Vichy event, have tried some of  their products etc. please feel free to let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know your thoughts! Oh, and links to any posts regarding these are so more than welcome. I love a good perve nose of your blogs 🙂
Hope you enjoyed this post girls (and boys, in the highly unlikely chance any boys will read my blog) As always, thanks so much for reading!

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  1. I always love your posts elle, your humor, so funny! Xx

  2. Cathy tyrell says:

    Ooh I would loved to have been there at this one, how do you get invited? Lol,


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