If you’d have said to me when I first started writing this blog – or even at the start of this week – that I’d do a 25 facts about me post, I’d have said never in a million years. (Well, probably more like “what? you’re having a bloody laugh ain’t ya?!” but you see where I’m coming from) Anyway, fast forward a couple of full on “I’ve got my social life back and therefore am not even going to glance at a computer” weeks of not posting, and here I am, boring the life out of you, being a cop out, baring all. Well, really I’m just telling you a few useless, boring facts about me. Enjoy the rest of the post, bet you can’t wait!

1) When I was younger I played football/soccer for the Millwall Lionesses for 7years. I was Captain (purely because I had the biggest mouth. I was much more of a cheer leader than a ‘captain’) I gave up when I was 16 after discovering make up, clothes and clubbing and haven’t done a single second of exercise since!

2) I was a server at church when I was little. I was too scrawny to carry the cross and nearly set my hair alight when I carried the candle…so basically I was completely useless. Story of my life *cue the violins, again!*

3) On my first series of working on The X-Factor I ‘played’/stood in for Kelly Rowland in our dress rehearsals. We did the whole walk on to the music (my personal fave part #loser #twat), introducing and commenting on the acts etc. and I 100% made the biggest tit of myself, in front of a lot of people, for 10 weeks in a row. And I mean a complete and utter tit! (…at least I can kind of say I played at Wembley, right?)

4) Once, whilst ‘side of stage’ at work, somebody kept playing the ‘tap one shoulder, turn around and pretend it wasn’t you who did it’ game on me. It turned out to be Justin Bieber. Yep…awkwaaard!

5) Biggest surprise of this post – and probably the entire blog – I passed the 11+ exams and, wait for it…(add to the suspense, add to the suspense)…was predicted all A*’s and A’s at school. Clearly my teachers got confused and mistook A for Absent!

6) The first Mac lipstick I ever bought was Mac Angel and it still remains my absolute favourite to this day.

7) The first job I ever had was on The X-Factor. I’ve never had another job that wasn’t in TV.

8) I’ve read/watched beauty and fashion blogs/youtube channels for years after becoming obsessed with Laura – Lollipop26 at the time…oh the good old days – I am still just as obsessed with them now as I was then!

9) When it comes to films/TV programmes I am the least emotional person you will ever find. I have never cried at a film, Titanic? Nope. The Notebook? Nearly, but not quite. My Sister’s Keeper? Still somehow managed to keep it in. I know what you’re thinking…cold bitch!

10) The best boxset/series in the world is Prison Break. I am a little bit in love with Michael Schofield and I may have welled up a bit when he died!

11) I hate birthdays – well, my birthday anyway – I had my appendix out on my 15th and I think it scarred me for life. Literally…see what I did there, see what I did? Go on, you can say it…I’m a knob!

12) The thing that I miss most being coeliac is French stick. Oh, and doughnuts!

13) My favourite film growing up was Parent Trap. If only we knew what a fruitloop Lindsey Lohan was going to turn out to be.

14) I’ve painted my nails consistently for so long – literally since I was about 12 – I genuinely have no idea what my natural nails really look like.

15) My biggest teenage crush was Frank Lampard. I mean, crush doesn’t even cut it, it was more of a mild obsession. *cue fatal attraction/bunny boiling theme tune*

16) I am the least fussiest eater you will ever come across. Barring the fact that I can’t eat wheat or gluten I will pretty much eat EVERYTHING. The only foods I can’t stand is liquorice and celery. Even the thought makes me gag a little bit!

17) My favourite nail polish is Essie Fiji – what a riveting fact for you – closely followed by Maybelline Mint For Life. I could go on forever, but I won’t *praise the lorrrd* as, if you’ve got to this point in the post, you’re doing amazingly well as it is!

18) I don’t sleep on a pillow, I just lay completely flat, which always sets me up for some piss taking ribbing when I sleep at friends houses.

19) I’ve broken both of my elbows by, wait for it… – prepare yourself to crack up laughing and christen me the dumbest person in the world (if you haven’t already) – …running into a wall. There are no words!

20) Major major geek fact – can’t quite believe I’m about to admit it – I love Harry Potter. Like, love. Like, I genuinely wished when I was younger that I went to Hogwarts!

21) I passed my driving test first time at 17. To this day I will never know how that happened)

22) I have the most gorgeous little godson called Harvey, who I am completely obsessed and in love with!

23) The most expensive thing I have ever bought is my Mulberry Tillie tote handbag. I treated myself after receiving a promotion, a year and a half ago, and my purse/bank account/heart are still in pain/shock now!

24) I used to watch Gossip Girl on catch up obsessively, literally just so I could perve on Blake Lively’s hair, make up and clothes.

25) I am genuinely so grateful for every follower and lovely comment that I receive – most probably because I only ever expected this blog to be read by my Mum/people who have to read and like it – so I’d like to say a massive cliche’d, cheesy but completely genuine thank you to anyone that has read this post, and my blog in general. You da best! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post. As always, thanks so much for reading!

18 responses to “TAG: 25 FACTS ABOUT ME!”

  1. Sarah Jones says:

    That's amazing you worked on the xfactor and Justin Bieber tapped your shoulder! (Wait, did I just admit that?) ha.
    Who doesn't like Harry Potter!? Hogwarts would be the coolest place to be and you get a wand!! 😉
    Sarah xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Ha, I think you can admit that Sarah, I'm sure you're not the only Bieber fan out there 🙂 Glad I'm not on my own with the Harry Potter thing, we're cool still right? ha!


  2. Maria K. says:

    I still wish I could get into Hogwarts, HP for life, yo!
    If it makes you feel any better I also broke my elbow running…and trying to jump a link fence.
    Really enjoyed this post, I like reading the Facts About Me tags 🙂

    Maria from BlindlyBeautiful

  3. Epp says:

    This just made me love your blog even more! How funny it is to broke your elbows by running into a wall 😀 (no, not laughing at you but with you! :D) Haha and oh yes, HP forever! I've watched the last episode for about .. well … 300 times. You are just the coolest <3


  4. Jess Slater says:

    I loved Prison Break too! I was also obsessed with Michael Schofield.. Have you seen Wentworth Miller now though? Eeek : xx

  5. Lix Hewett says:

    Here from #lbloggers chat – You sound so interesting! I followed you on Bloglovin, looking forward to reading you!

    – Lix | A Classic Notion

  6. Catrine says:

    love love love mac angel! plus it's a fav of kim k's… good company!! ;P xxx

  7. Oh god how I'd love a Mulberry bag, you did the right thing buying one! Your favourite nail varnish and lipstick colours are gorgeous, great taste! I used to love The Parent Trap too, she had such cute outfits in it! Sounds like you have such an amazing job. It's lovely to learn more about you, I love the way you write, it shows a lot of personality. XxxX

  8. I love those posts! You have some great facts! I love Essie Fiji too
    Jenn | Photojennic


  9. Haha I only ever expected my mum to read mine too…to this day she remains my biggest fan haha 😉 love your blog girly and am now following 😀

    Holly Mixtures

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