REVIEW: Enrapture Totem Styler…Big hair don’t care!


Now the title to this post, I have to admit, is ever so slightly misleading. You see, the product/tool/torture device that I’m reviewing today doesn’t necessarily make my hair big as such (kind of defeated the point of your title then you tit!) but it does take my naturally flat but frizzy – oh yeah, god really done a number on me with those hair traits – to sleek, styled and all in all , more ‘put together’.

The tool in question today, my little saviour taking me from Hagrid-esque hair to just about exceptable is the not so new, but definitely worth raving about, Enrapture totem curler. I’ve now had this little bad boy for nearly 3 years and should’ve written about it a long time ago. I am one of those girls possessing hair that despite being wavy/frizzy/lion-like/anything but sleek and poker straight/”curl you mother f**king son of a beeep”, never manages to hold a curl. Ever. Which is why I am full blown, hair over heels (see what I did there? See, see? Lame!) in love with this curler as not only does it hold a curl extremely well, but I also get a choice of how tight/loose I want the curls. Dream tool!

The Enrapture Totem curler works by having 3 separate sections and three heat settings. Each section can be set to a heat setting of 1-3. 3 being the hottest, 1 being the coolest. The cooler the section, the looser the curl. And the award for brain of Britain goes to… My curl of choice (yes, I did just say ‘curl of choice’ and no, you’re not the only one that thinks that I sounded like a massive tit in doing so!) is a loose wave all over the head. A lot of people love 1-2-2 setting for this, however 2-2-2 all over, and lightly brushed out creates the perfect curl…for me at least!

Much more acceptable than my usually Hagrid/dragged through a hedge backwards/Bob Marley esque hair examples of totem curled hair, below:

I think my favourite thing about this life saver (me, dramatic? never) is that it holds a curl for so long, that if you’re a bit trampy, have drier than straw like hair, you are extremely lucky and don’t have to wash your hair very often, the curl will definitely last you a good few days, loosening to a looser (state the obvious love) curl. I actually prefer to curl my hair the night before using the 2-2-2 setting and then I wake to to lovely big curls. A terrible morning/corpse like/whiter than a ghost face….but perfect curls. Take what you can get girls, take what you can get!

The Totem curler costs £39.99 in Boots (I paid £75 at the time three years ago. Totally worth it – even if the tight arse in me did just cry a little inside) you can find them in store and online. I’ve had these little bad boys for 3years and they still work as good as new. So without sounding like an over-exaggerating, superficial, dramatic twat…I would be absolutely lost without them. I am a poor excuse of a human being!

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Sorry for my outrageous absence of late – not that I am under the illusion that anybody misses me when I don’t post, delusional is one quality I definitely do not possess – however due to working a minimum of 14-15hour days, on my days off and moments when I’m not working, I am either sleeping, watching youtube videos, stalking blogs and terrible TV and basically doing anything that isn’t remotely productive. But hey, it’s nearly the new year, I’m sure I’ll set myself a resolution to stop being such a slob and that will obviously fix it all! 😉
As always, thanks so much for reading. And Happy November! (where the fuck hell has this year gone?…)

11 responses to “REVIEW: Enrapture Totem Styler…Big hair don’t care!”

  1. love you're hair ellie, you always looked so styled! Ali xx

  2. Sarah Barton says:

    I think I need to dig out my curler! Which way up are you using it? Clamping at the bottom or the other way up? I need curls like youuuuurs!!

    Sarah xx
    Friday is Forever Blog

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Completely forgot to mention that Sarah (oops!) I use it the other way round, so I don't clamp it at all, I wind the hair round at the base and work upwards, hold for 5seconds and voila 🙂


  3. Alice Barton says:

    your hair looks amazing! I really need to get my hands on a curler like this, maybe i'll get myself one for Xmas! 🙂 xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

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