Life Lately – #1


There’s a couple of reasons why I struggled to start off this post. The first being that I am currently writing it after consistently working a minimum of 16 hours days at work – oh ffs, here she goes, moaning again! – and therefore am so tired it’s a miracle I can string two words together. The second being that I am also in a food/wine coma after a lazy day off Chinese buffet (classy) and a lambrini wine fest. (even classier)

But ‘moany bitch’ and massive ‘slob-ness’ aside, the point of this post – to which obviously takes paragraphs, many unfunny jokes and an eternity to get to (this is me – beat around the bush Betty – after all!) – is to give you a little update considering I have been M.I.A (channelling my inner Kardashian like the massive saddo I am with that phrase) pretty much for the last 3months. Not that I am under the illusion that anybody cares what I’ve been up to, or noticed that I’ve been gone at all. (Apart from you mum, obviously #Number1Fan #MumsHaveToLoveWhatYouDo #PleaseBloggerBanMeFromUsingAnymoreHashtags!!) Don’t worry kids, a scatty, silly blonde I may be but delusional, I am definitely not.

So, after 3months of a lot of hours, stress and far too much Essex for anyone’s liking, I have come to the end of my third series of TOWIE. I barely had a second to breathe let alone chill and write a blog post, hence operation “Unwind and try to look a little more alive than a corpse” This very important operation would usually involve a good bath oil, candles, DIY manicure…this time however, as it also happened to be my birthday coming up, I was taken to Marrakech by my very lovely boyfriend. Yes, I am very lucky girl and no I will not be posting smug, “wish you were here pictures” to rub it in everyone’s faces. Well, maybe just one then ;)…

… or three?

But before I attempted to eradicate pale as a ghost, bigger bags than Tescos Ellie, I had a wrap party to get to. Apologies for the shocking ‘outfit picture’, that would be the result of running late (standard) and being in a rush to eat a 3course Indian meal before the party. Yep, an Indian feast, whilst wearing a bodycon dress. Sometimes I genuinely believe I could make Helen Flanagan look intelligent. (Sorry Hels!)

Christmas is approaching, and I am already getting into the spirit – sitting by the fire with roasted chestnuts (Heaven!) chocolate celebrations (everyone loves a celebration right?) and Eggnog (So wrong but so right. Sorry not sorry) Basically, I have gone from being South East London’s answer to Scrooge to a Christmas jumper wearing, Yankee Candle/any chest-nutty, cinnamon, vanillery scent candle burning, “It’s cold, time to wack on Now Christmas Classics” girl. And I bloody love it!

Catch up wise, for the sake of your sanity I’ll stop now. But to round this bad boy up, I am very excited about the thought of having more time to blog, stalk read other blogs, see family and friends, shop (let’s face it, I always managed to squeeze that in anyway. 15minute lunch break? Selfridges is a 5 minute walk from TOWIE Towers, it would’ve been rude not too right?)…and basically just unwind. Oh, and try out the infinite amount of beauty products and fashion items that I purchased on my post-birthday shopping spree. See, wasn’t joking about squeezing in shopping anyway was I? 🙂 Well, it’s my birthday and I can cry rape Space NK, Zara and Topshop (Primark, you tight arse) if I want to. 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post. As always thank you so much for reading. Oh, and congratulations if you got to this point of the post…My god do I love to waffle on so in my eyes, your all heroes! 🙂

10 responses to “Life Lately – #1”

  1. Katie says:

    Welcome back! Glad your able to have a slight break now – make sure you manage to relax! Who is the little cutie in the Christmas jumper?! bless!

    I was thinking today – whatever happened to Ellie?! Then this little post popped up on Bloglovin'

    Anyway, keep spending. Looking forward to some outfit posts soon!

    Katie <3

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I will be definitely be making the most of my time to relax! The gorgeous little boy – who I am completely obsessed with and don't shut up about – is my godson, Harvey. I'm sure he'll feature more often 🙂


  2. Glad you're back, amazing pictures! 😀

    xx MJ

  3. I'm so jealous, I want to be in warm Marrakech 🙂 love the Xmas pics also, cutie baby! Ali x

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