Boyf’ Takeover : Having a Blogger as a girlfriend

I’ve been a little lost for inspiration in what post to write over the past few days – on the 5th January, great start to my “I’m going to write more posts” year – so I thought I’d let someone very important, and much more creative than me – and I don’t hand out compliments lightly, so take it and run with it 😉 – take over my blog for today. Ladies and gents, here’s my boyfriend’s take on what it’s like being with a blogger…
So that’s my boyfriend’s take on being with a blogger (for now, I think he’s getting into this blogging malarkey) vein, superficial, and a beauty freak…I’m such a catch!
Hope you all enjoyed this post guys, I think it makes a nice change from my usual ramblings don’t you think? (don’t agree with me too much or i’ll never get this blog back) I would absolutely love to hear what your boyfriend’s make of your beauty habits? At least reassure me i’m not alone? 🙂
I hope you’ve all had a great start to 2014. As alway, thanks for reading!

26 responses to “Boyf’ Takeover : Having a Blogger as a girlfriend”

  1. Katie says:

    My boyfriend is such a girl anyway, he steals my moisturiser, uses my tooth whitener, has concealer (I don't even own concealer) has tantrums about his hair and showers at least twice a day….

    Love the pictures and accompanying words. The BF did good!

    Looking forward to more instalments.

    Katie <3

    • Ellie Adams says:

      Ha, I've got a feeling mine is definitely heading that way being around me all the time now Katie. I look forward to the hair tantrums 😉

      Thanks for your lovely comments about the post!


  2. Stephanie O. says:

    OMG this is ADORABLE I laughed so hard! I hope to see more of him on the blog!
    So funny most of his comments were so on point 🙂

  3. Jess Slater says:

    Ah I loved this post Ellie! Such a beaut couple xxx

  4. Amber Felce says:

    haha this is a great post! I'm trying to get my boyfriend to use more natural products like me and at first he was apprehensive but then he was like actually, you're into all this beauty malarkey you probably know what you're talking about haha!

  5. Emmy says:

    This is brilliant. I like that he's as funny as you are!

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