REVIEW: Hourglass Ambient lighting Blush – Dim Infsuion


My weekend post – or rather, more often than not, my Monday or Tuesday post as I’m usually in a Roast-induced coma on Sundays, leaving me unable to do anything but watch Keeping up with the Kardashians – was supposed to be a Valentines/Brighton post. That would be a nice idea, I thought to myself. A little bit of lifestyle, with an added bit of cringe, soppy-ness love, so my readers can see that there is a soft side behind all of that sarcasm.

Well guess what? Brighton and the outrageous weather in England thought that was a ridiculous plan and decided to screw over my idea to take a couple of outfit pictures, a few standard food pictures and of course, the casual cliche point up to the Brighton Pier pictures (oh yeah, I bet your devastated you missed out on seeing that one) leaving me with no option but to stay in and eat shit loads of food. Oh, and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. Every cloud and all that…

Thankfully the rain calmed down slightly on saturday morning – I promise I’m getting to the point of the post soon and aren’t just remodelling myself as a weather reporter – so boyf and I ventured into Brighton town center (which is beautiful by the way) where a gust of wind swept me off my feet… and straight into Space NK. Lets just say that wind really did do some damage after all.

Space NK damage, Exhibit A.

As the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders took the beauty world by storm, it was only a matter of time before the they produced the ‘lit from within’, “I look so healthy and glowing” powders in blush form. And as much as I try my very hardest not to get sucked in by Blogger/Vlogger hype, I failed once again in this case – story of my life *wacks out the violins* – and succumbed to Dim Infusion. Here it is in action…

It doesn’t show up very clearly when swatched on my hand, but it’s much more noticeable – and nicer looking – on the face. Demonstrated very badly below. Please excuse my tired face, slightly stripy as just highlighted hair, and non filled in eyebrows. Basically everything bar the blusher 🙂

Isn’t she a bloody beaut? – the blush I’m talking about FYI, not the knob wearing it 😉 – An extremely finely milled powder with peach and gold shimmers running through, Dim infusion is one of the lightest of the bunch. I chose this one because I love a peach cheek in the spring time – no pun intended – and also to perk up my face on tired days (that’ll be every day then…) Not mentioning the fact my boyfriend looked as though he was about to top himself having waited inside Space NK for half n hour while I swatched every shade. 10 times over. So I went with my gut and picked the shade I went for first, and you know what? I’m really happy with my choice.

So here’s my run down in bullet point form, as it a) saves you from having to read paragraph after paragraph of my waffling/Hourglass fan girling and b) stops you from wanting to top yourself/die of boredom from my waffling/Hourglass fan girling.

Pros –

Cons – 
To sum it up? I love these little beauty’s. Finely milled, brilliant to apply, natural but buildable and glowy without the glitter. Perfection!

So tell me, have any of you succumbed to temptation too and purchased one of these blushers? Anyone saving their pennies for one? I’d love to know what you think!
Hope you enjoyed this pose and had a lovely Valentince day – despite the rain, I know I certainly did – wherever you were and whatever you got up to. As always, thanks so much for reading!

3 responses to “REVIEW: Hourglass Ambient lighting Blush – Dim Infsuion”

  1. Rachel says:

    Gorgeous! I quite fancy Diffused Heat, but I just bought a load of blushers in America so debating whether I really need anymore!!



  2. Katie says:

    Love the mirror photos! You look gorgeous hun. I never use blush, but I feel like I'm missing out on a great trick!

    Katie <3

  3. ChrisGuerra says:

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