the pinafore dress


When I think of a pinafore, I am immediately brought back to my 4year old, pigtail wearing, school hating, the total opposite of ‘fashion forward’ self. And I am not joking about school hating FYI. Remember that girl that clung to her mums legs, flung herself to the floor kicking and screaming to get out of going to school? Yeah… I was that girl. My lucky, lucky parents 🙂

Anyway, reminiscing and brat confessions aside, I haven’t worn or even thought about wearing a pinafore since I was around four years old. That however, started to change – to my horror – not long ago when I found myself walking to a Primark counter with a certain denim pinafore number in my (extremely heavy) bag. I bought, I wore, and I actually quite liked it. Hence why just a couple of weeks later, I found myself queueing up to buy it’s leather – Ok, Ok… we all know it’s pleather – counterpart.

Whilst wearing said counterpart, I had a couple comments including one from my boyfriend who really liked it (I know, shock horror) and another from my ever so complimentary brother saying it looked ridiculous. Its a hung jury…

Nice little front pocket. Because you always want to keep your phone, keys, any necessary item right in front of your boobs. Obviously… (#PointyTits)

So, apart from the straps which would decide to fall down at ever so slightly awkward moments, being on the higher end of the “how far up your arse is your dress?” scale and occasionally moving over so a whole load of boob would pop up… I really like it. I definitely wouldn’t wear it on a work day – running around a TV set with your arse very nearly on display is never a good look – or a day running all over the place but on a nice, sunny, lazy day-off kinda’ day, like today? I’ll be reaching for this little number more often.

What are your thoughts on the pinafore dress – Rocked it before? Wouldn’t be seen dead in it? I’d love to know! Oh, and if you have any blog posts wearing one, please leave your links below so I can completely copy you take inspiration for next time I sport one 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. As always, thanks so much for reading!


8 responses to “the pinafore dress”

  1. Ashly Rae says:

    love it! totally gorgeous gal!

  2. Katie says:

    You are totally rocking this! Love the differently shot pictures too. Are you not freezing though?!!

    Katie <3

  3. I love your hair and this style looks so good on you! I don't know if I'd ever be able to pull it off though! XxxX

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