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Yesterday was a day of work meetings. Now, for me, the exciting part of that isn’t the prospect of working on an exciting new show/venture (although that is obviously pretty exciting at times.) It isn’t being back in more regular employment and therefore able to purchase half of my never ending wish list without feeling guilty (although that excites me a ridiculous amount) It’s getting to sample just about every coffee shop in Soho.

Well that was a bit of an anti-climax wasn’t it?

Yes, I’ve practically confessed to being an outrageous loser, but there’s something about sitting in nice, quirky, authentic coffee shop people watching in and taking in the world around you. I love it so much that I headed back on the weekend to do exactly that. With the added bonus of being able to Instagram cute pictures of coffee and cake, without potential employers or clients thinking you’re unprofessional… and an absolute knob!

The first coffee date in my coffee trawl adventure began at Flat White.

Flat White, Soho, in all honesty is pretty tiny. If you’re going to go I highly recommend going in the week, as it’s ridiculously busy on the weekend. But – there’s the big but – it is really worth it. The coffee is great, the designs on the froth of your coffee (technical terms, obvs) are really cute and they also have a couple of gluten-free cake options which makes me very happy. Small things, small minds and all that…

After demolishing a very lovely chocolate cake and latte, I took a leisurely wander down Oxford St – another major perk of Flat White/having meetings in the Soho area – where I was dragged into the new Warehouse store on Oxford Street. 
I know what you’re thinking, yeah yeah, I bet a gust of wind swept you away into Selfridges after but I actually genuinely did get dragged in (well, more politely ushered into the store) after being given a ‘You’re Gifted’ voucher. It’s basically all part of the marketing and promotion of their new store, where the shop assistants picked certain people – according to one particular assistant, ‘fashionable, stylish, young girls (clearly hadn’t gone to specsavers as I looked like the back end of a bus) – to come inside the store and receive a freebie.
Said freebies…
A pretty OK iPhone case – if ever so slightly tacky and not very well made, but very well timed as my current one is hanging on by a thread tiny bit of plastic – and a cake pop, which I obviously couldn’t eat being coeliac however it passed the seal of approval from my Dad, who polished it off in one bite Like father, like daughter…

And just because I was on Oxford Street, a stone’s throw away from the power 3 – that’s House of Fraser, John Lewis and Debenhams in ‘Elle World’, FYI – it simply would’ve been rude not to pop in…
…and purchase something that would obviously change and enrich my life. 

I’ve used this for about 4 days, which is obviously nowhere near enough time to do a full review, but on first impressions? It’s incredible. Smells amazing, feels so fresh and light on the skin. I’m pretty sure this is HG material. I’ll keep you updated 🙂
I then wandered on towards a shop that sells products that also change my life, and greatly change my bank balance. Yep, Space NK time! 
I will also point out that I didn’t even purchase anything this time. I understand this my be pretty standard for some people but for me, this is a huge achievement. Almost Blue Peter badge worthy. 
So I think that’s about it for the first of my little coffee trawl posts. As I said, I absolutely love finding new, independent, quirky coffee shops and I know I’m alone in that – following an infinite amount of bloggers on Instagram proves that point – so I thought it might be nice to share my discoveries. And also discover new ones, courtesy of you lovely lot. What are your favourite London coffee shops, any I need to check out, all in the name of research of course 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, I can’t wait to hear any recommendations you have. As always, thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Sarah Nunn says:

    Such a cute post! I got that Origins moisturiser for Christmas and I've nearly used it all up, sob! It's amazing xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  2. The moisturiser looks great! It feels fab when you don't have to feel guilty for splurging on things you love! XxxX

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