The Breakfast Muffin


I’m not exactly Nigella Lawson when it comes to the kitchen – and no, I don’t mean that I don’t cook up a storm while sampling a cheeky line of coke (sorry, too soon?) – I’m just not in the kitchen very often. Well, period really. So when I mentioned that I might ‘experiment’ in the kitchen for a blog post (…and my greed) it was greeted by the loudest laughs. What I’m trying to say is, if it turns out shit rubbish, I warned you.

Breakfast Muffins in the most ridiculously prefect forms. No oaty, blueberry, sweet style muffins today (although they are pretty out of this world too) I’m talking an English fry up style muffin. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Onto the process…

Start by greasing your tray with butter/oil/something…greasy? Yep, I’ve got this cooking lingo down..
Then, using a small glass or cylindrical shape cutter (disclaimer: I never claimed to be an expert, I have no bloody idea what those cutting things/any kitchen utensils are called) cut out cirlces of bread, for however many Breakfast muffins you’re planning to make. I made 6, because they were for me and the boyf and my portion sizes are quite frankly, ridiculous!

Now, if you’re a new reader to this blog, or just didn’t pay too much attention before (story of my life *insert poor me/violin emotion here*), you’ll probably not know that I have coeliac disease, which in short, means that I can’t eat gluten (Unless I want to spend the next week in agony, glued to the toilet seat) So I’ve substituted the bread in this recipe for gluten-free bread, but if you can eat it, go for the good, proper, normal bread. You can’t beat it!

Pop circular pieces of bread in the baking tray.

Fry some slices of heavenly bacon – because all bacon is heavenly – and mushrooms. I used coconut oil because it’s apparently very good for you and I’m trying to balance this bad boy out. (And obviously by using healthier oil, it eradicates how bad the bacon is. Alongside a lot of eggs, bread, butter and salt)

Take a second to stop and take a picture of your boyfriend/friend/whoever you’re with, modelling the ingredients. Clearly an essential part to any bloggers recipes, right?

Here comes the tricky part. Wrap the bacon around the outside of the baking tray hole (hole? That 100% is not the technical name for that, I just have no idea what is. Common sense isn’t a strong point either) The bacon acts as a shell to hold the egg, mushrooms etc. in so it’s best to try and get the edges to meet with no gaps in. I struggled with this because I am as delicate as a rhino, so I left this to my boyfriend. Hence manly hands and ridiculously short stubby nails 😉 (side note: on showing this to boyf, he explained his nail cutting techniques to me. “I just cut them back as far as they’ll go before bleeding”
*Insert shaking head in pure ‘Give me strength’ emotion, here*

Fill the bacon cups with the mushrooms.

Crack the eggs into the Muffin cups…

Double egg yoke, which apparently means good luck is on my way (… also believed to mean death or pregnancy with twins is on the horizon but I’ve chosen to ignore that folklore)
Once all your ingredients are in the muffin cups/bases, wack them in the oven on a relatively high heat for around 15minutes/whenever the eggs look cooked as I definitely failed in the ‘counting time’ department.

Open the oven, take a few pictures, then immediately instagram them right away. Another essential  part to this recipe. It will simply not work without it 😉

Once cooked, take them out of the oven, place them on a plate, and try to take just a couple more pictures before completely devouring them. This is possibly the toughest part of the recipe.

… And once your patience has worn thin, just shove them in your face and enjoy. I promise you, you will!
Please let me know if you’ve tried this little recipe and what you made of them. If you did, and you managed to hold back from scoffing them for 30 seconds to take a picture, feel free to send them my way on Twitter (@ellie_adams) or Instagram (@ellenextdoor). I always love to hear from you.
Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Katie says:

    This is going to earn me some mega brownie points! Thanks babe!

    Katie <3

  2. This look so yummy, oh gosh 🙂 Ali x

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