REVIEW: Melvita Nectar Pur: Purifying Cleansing Gel and Roll on


PR samples have been a bit of a touchy subject in the blogging world of late. Many have made bold statements stating that they’ll never receive them because they feel it compromises the integrity of their blog as many feel pressured to rave about free items they’ve received. Whilst others will receive every new release and you struggle to find a post that doesn’t contain something they’re received for free. I understand why people have strong opinions about this, but ultimately your blog is your blog. Surely the whole point of writing your own blog anyway is to express what you feel no matter what anyone else thinks? I guess what I’m trying to say – without getting all philosophical on your arse – life’s too short to get mad over bloggers writing about items which are essentially, pretty superficial. Live and let live (and all that jazz…)

Now, blogging arguments – 1st world problems – aside, the reason for my random ramble above, is because today I’m reviewing two PR samples that are actually pretty brilliant. And yet I’m always a bit reluctant to rave about ‘freebies’ for fear of thinking that my readers – that’s you, Mum. And you boyf (…at an absolute push) – will think I’m dishonestly raving about something because I received it for free. I’m not one of those “suck up to everyone to get extra followers types” we can tell that by the amount of followers you have love… so I can assure you that my review today is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

First up, the Melvita Purifying Cleansing gel*. This is part of the new Nectar Pur range targeted at Combination/Oily skin and I will firstly point out that I completely agree with that statement. If you have dry, dehydrated skin, this range – or at least what I’ve used from it anyway – will probably not work for you. It does feel quite mattifying which isn’t personally a problem for my combination skin as long as I inject a bit of moisture in somewhere along the line. So, before this gets even wordier, let’s break it down. Melvita claims: 

To conclude, (oh, here I go, getting all Year 6 English exams on you by ‘concluding’) if you have oily/combination skin, this is a really great purifying, mattifying and most remarkably, gentle gel cleanser that I have – and I’m sure will continue – to enjoy using. Now, on to the Star of the show….
Melvita Purifying Roll on* – Oh boy is this stuff good. A warning/disclaimer in advance, the following review contains some serious fan girling/gushing/generally shameless “I can’t live without this” drawls. I have tried so many faddy “spot removal” products and not a single one has actually helped. I know I may be on my own here (?) but personally, the Origins spot remover didn’t do anything for me. It brought the impurities to the surface (we all know that’s the polite way of saying, it made the puss come out. Sexy) This however, really is different. Here’s the deets:

  • Helps neutralise spots blemishes. I’ve never thought about ‘neutralising spots’ before but yes, I guess this does. For me, it reduces redness and inflammation.
  • Blemishes dry out. Now this, I actually have to disagree with…but in a good way. I personally hate when products dry out a spot because it makes your skin flaky and hard to cover up. Because of the oils in this roll on, it just does the job without making blemishes flaky, and generally more noticeable.
  • Blemishes seem to disappear. I mean, all blemishes disappear eventually but I totally agree that this helps to clear them up much quicker than if left alone. I honestly – if I was still 11 years old I’d say “swear on my mum’s life”… anyone else remember everyone saying that? Just me?… – use this once and within a day, the blemish has pretty much disappeared. You can’t ask for much better than that can you?
So, to wrap this bad of a post up – I ramble at the best of times but get me started on a product I love, we’re talking rambling into 2015 territory here – Melvita’s Purifying Cleansing gel is a winner if you need a gentle yet purifying cleanser for oily skin. The purifying roll on is just a winner for anyone that suffers from the odd rank ugly spot blemish now and again and wants it cleared up ASAP. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want that?

So tell me, has anyone tried any of this range, thinking of trying some products out? I would love to know what you think. If there’s any other products out there that you’d recommend also, my purse will hate you, but I definitely will not 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. See you in the next one!


9 responses to “REVIEW: Melvita Nectar Pur: Purifying Cleansing Gel and Roll on”

  1. Great review! I have no problem with bloggers receiving and reviewing products for free, it's part of the business. What I don't love is when bloggers review "stuff" that doesn't fit the theme of their blog…that's when it just gets boring!

  2. I really like the sound of the cleansing gel, I have combination skin and I am always on the lookout for products that will help mattify my tzone slightly!
    And as for PR samples, I have no problem with them, though I don't like when bloggers only ever seem to review items they have been sent. But at the end of the day, very few of us could afford to buy up every new release!

    Lauren |

    • "I’m seriously thinking about adding a Fashion Friday segment to my blog.

      It’s not my niche or anything but I feel I can morph it in and make it fit – I’m not ready to become a full time fashion blogger (probably ever). What do you think? People seem very interested when I post about fashion or post my pics – they ask me about clothes now just as much as health and food 😉 And I’ve only been into this since January…….

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  3. I've never tried any Melvita but i think i definitely will. I love trying new products 🙂 Ali x

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