# WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday – Blake Lively

This Woman Crush Wednesday – aka my blatant excuse to fan girl/girl crush/generally embarrass myself over a girl – goes to someone that I’m pretty sure 90% of the blogging world have been crushing on of late. She wowed at Cannes, her and her husband (only the bloody Ryan Reynolds) are practically the new Posh and Becks, and let’s not forget the show she was a major part of… Gossip Girl.

Yep, if you’re a blogger – or even just a girl – and haven’t seen Gossip girl, you don’t exist to me!

Jokes aside, let my woman crush Wednesday –  if you haven’t guessed by now it is of course the phenomenal Blake Lively – Crushing commence…

That hair. I heard somewhere that the secret to Blakes hair is tying it in a bun after it’s been washed, leave it overnight and voila… Perfect Blake lively curls. Let me just put it out there that when I do that to my hair – i.e when I can’t be arsed I’m too lazy to do anything about it – it might turn out half decent perhaps 1 time out of 10. So unless your Blake and naturally perfect, I’d save this for the Hollywood stars! Lucky Fuckers things…

The Makeup – nobody, and I mean nobody, rocks the inner corner highlight like Blake. This, as well as the constantly bronzed and fresh “I’ve just come back from a holiday in the Caribbean” – which she probably has – skin, means the Blake always looks healthy and glowing and generally Hollywood Perfect.

And last but definitely not least. Let’s perve on talk about those red carpet appearances, and more specifically, those recent Cannes Film Festival Pictures.

Yep, I’m sure you know the ones. *Swoons in a massive girl crush way*

Isn’t she just perfection in human form? And that Chanel dress, I have no words (…well, that’s not exactly true as I love to waffle so I have lots of words)

And I think that’s about it for today’s Woman Crush Wednesday. Having been a Gossip Girl addict, (and self confessed loser!) having always loved the flawless, bronzed skin and glowy makeup look, and of course those dresses, there was no way Blake couldn’t feature in this series today. 

So, tell me, who is your latest girl crush? Whose fashion, makeup etc have you been loving?
I would love to know! (…and have some beutiful faces to waste time staring at) 😉

Hope you enjoyed this random little photo bomb, see you in the next post!


17 responses to “# WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday – Blake Lively”

  1. Blake Lively is just… amazing. I love her! And her appearances at this years Cannes have made me fall even more in love with her, especially her appearance at the 'Captives' premiere… she was flawless!

    Lauren |

  2. Sandy says:

    Blake lively is my wcw for every wednesday until the end of time! She is FLAWWLESS! And I've tried that wet hair in a bun thing many times and it NEVER goes right for me. I also read in an interview that she doesn't wash her conditioner out so that when it dries her hairs kinda piece and textured? Yeah that didn't work for me either haha. xx

  3. Ellie Adams says:

    Haha, I completely agree Sandy (although that would make for pretty boring WCW posts on my behalf 😉 )
    Oh god, leaving conditioner in your hair sounds like the worst idea ever. Lank, greasy, Hagrid-esque locks, no thanks! 🙂


  4. Agreed, she's pretty perfect!

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