Basics and more sliders


So it appears my love for ‘ugly shoes’ – more commonly known as sliders, pool slides [insert your choice for said ugly shoes here] – continues. I posted about these little dreams that I picked up from Primark a while ago, and I now have – a slightly different, therefore totally necessary – black pair of Pool Slides to add to the mix. And… they’re not even from Primark. I know, I know, shock horror, I actually bought a pair of shoes that cost more that about £3. Who the hell am I? I don’t even know who I am anymore…

Said Ugly Pretty/Pretty Ugly/”they were cool months ago so of course I’ve only just started wearing them now” shoes, and my go to basics of late.

Leather shorts – H&M a couple of years ago, love! – and a denim shirt with very classy gold spikes :/ Well, living in South east London, you never know when you might need a form a self defense do you? 😉

Dragged through a hedge backwards/”oh fuck crap, I’ve got 5 minutes to dry my hair and get out of the door” hair at it’s best!

Disclaimer – I promise my legs are not hairy or fake tanned (and patchy) in real life, and this is a dodgy picture with strange lighting!

These slightly ugly but extremely comfortable new joys of mine are from H&M. – Can I just take this moment to say, how incredible are H&M at the moment? They have completely got monochrome and summer whites down at the moment (‘down’? Jesus, I am far too cool for school) Especially those wide legged stripy trousers. Click the link and say no more… – The pool slide/Birkenstock rip offs come in at a mere £15 and I couldn’t recommend them any more. Well, I could, but I waffle at the best of times so for now, I will save your soul’s 😉

Oh the crystal clear and not at all murky, horrible green waters of South East London, what a pleasant background 😉

Pool slides/Birkenstocks but prettier: H&M
Spikey Denim shirt: Pull and bear
Leather – well, pleather. Love a bit of pleather – shorts: H&M
Just washed, extremely susceptible to humidity hair: Models own

*Pats one’s self on the back for not having a single Primark item in an outfit post* 

No really, I am genuinely proud of that fact which is making me seriously question my life.

So, give it to me girls, what are your thoughts on these type of sandals/shoes? Pool slides your thing, or should they be left in the 90’s? I wanna hear your thoughts 🙂


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