I’ve been drinking, watermelon


I hate to admit it, but I’m not sure there’s anything in the world that can perk me up on a Monday morning like a fresh mani/pedi does. (Mani, pedi… Just me that feels like a complete and utter arse using that phrase?)

Sad but true, nail polish plays a big part in my cheer up/get ready for the week regime and yesterday’s choice hit just the right spot. 

Ladies and ladies, I give you the perfect summer shade… And my biggest enabler for being able to coin a Beyoncé phrase in a blog title. It’s a winner all round!



Essie Watermelon. If I try to get fancy with my descriptive skills I will just end up sounding like a tit – don’t change the habit of a life time then – so I will leave all the in depth jargon to the experts – “proper bloggers” 😉 – and just say that it is the most beautiful red toned Pink. Annoyingly, the colour tends to pull more red in these pictures but it is definitely a pink. Bright enough for a perfect, punchy summer colour but dark enough with enough red in it to avoid looking like Barbie and make your fingernails look chic. (Chic fingernails, they are definitely a ‘thing’ right?)

Formulation wise, for me, the Essie diffusion line (the Essie colours that Boots and Superdrug stock) is unbeatable bar none and I was more than happy to find that Watermelon followed suit. Opaque enough for a one coat mani, but I used two to make them look as nice as possible.

These were taken a day after painting (add in a hair wash which always seems to screw up the tips of my nails) and as you can see, they still look as fresh as when first painted. I’ve run out of my beloved Seche Vite #FirstWorldProblems so have topped this off with Sally Hansen’s Insti-Dry which whilst isn’t bad, it’s still not a touch on Seche.

Yep, me and Seche are on first name bases, obvs.

On a side note – because let’s face it, if anyone nails going off on a tangent and boring people to death, it’s me – I decided to wear my Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer balm in audacious today (pictured below)  and whilst I am not generally the biggest fan of ‘matchy matchy’ – if anyone can hear ‘matchy matchy’ and not picture Whitney from The Hill’s, then you are no longer my friend – and I have to say, I really liked it. Maybe matchy, matchy is the future?*

*Disclaimer – I am not being paid to use the phrase ‘matchy, matchy’ as much as humanly possible in this post.

So I think that’s about it, as I have already managed a pretty long post bearing in mind I am talking about one polish (and a little shout out to a lipstick), so it’s time to do your bit. What’s the verdict – tried and liked Essie Watermelon? Next on your shopping list? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading. See you in the next one!


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