June Favourites


I seem to have missed my monthly favourites for the passed couple of months now because I’m a lazy bitch life has been a little bit crazy lately. With my work:social life ratio pushing me slightly over the edge recently, – I wish I was joking but I’m afraid not. Add in watching Zoe (Zoella’s “sometimes it gets too much”) vlog and I was crying myself a river – I am unbelievably happy to finally have slightly more time to relax. Eat, sleep, blog, repeat everyday maybe?

Or maybe not.

But I will be intending to blog as much as possible as I have been slightly obsessive with blogging and have really enjoyed my little corner of the internet even more than usual, lately.

Bearing in mind that one of my life time favourites is having a good old ramble, [Example A, being my entire blog] I have attempted to cut down as much as I possibly could. Onto the favourites…

Those sliders – I cannot for the life of me take these off my feet. Ridiculously comfortable, reasonably fashionable (they’re a bit love/hate aren’t they) and they go with absolutely everything. You can’t go wrong. Well, I guess if you wack some socks and pull socks and sandals then you definitely, definitely can go wrong 😉

Boyfriend Jeans – I’ve avoided these like the plague my entire life. They have always seemed to swamp my frame in the past, looking too baggy/slouchy/tramp-chic however these are just the right amount of slouch, just the right amount of tears and distress, and can we just talk about how comfortable they are? Heaven on a Food baby/PMS day #TMI

Bourjois Happy Light concealer – I picked this up on a whim and at first glance/feel, I wasn’t sure I was going to get on with this product. It’s so creamy that it has the potential to crease like a mofo under your eyes, however, it doesn’t. Even in the slightest. The pigmentation is so full on that it covers dark circles and those little fuckers spots like a dream. Highly recommend!

Essie Watermelon – I could waffle on all day about this perfect pinky red nail colour but as I’ve already done that, I’ll simply link the post here

The notebook – My love of stationary sometimes makes me need to question my life. I work in TV production, meaning that I always have an infinite amount of notes, scripts, lists etc. needed on me at all times. I found this notebook in Tesco’s – Yeah, screw you Paperchase and your overpriced notebooks – for £4 and I love it. A few people have picked up on it in meetings (which is always slightly embarrassing when attention diverts straight to you) and I’m really enjoying using. Next up on the list is a Moleskin. And a money tree.

Jesus Christ, what a riveting favourite for you there. I am so bloody rock and roll. On to my last but most definitely not least favourite, someone to pretty up/excite this post a bit.

It’s my blogger fave, and it is the beautiful Charlotte Fisher. If there was an award for the prettiest pastel and pink wardrobe, Charlotte would win it hands down. Whether it’s floral co-ords, pretty kimono’s or jelly sandals, she always look impeccable in my opinion. Her blog is a constant source of inspiration as is her Pinterest worthy Instagram feed. Now excuse me while I go and cry myself to sleep (…and pray to god that I’ll wake up with a matching wardrobe!)

That is all for my June favourites. Without being the biggest blogger cliche, where on earth has this month gone? We are now over half way through the year and that, just freaks me out! Cliche’s over, I would love to know what your June faves are. Please feel free to leave links to any posts, or let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to have a nose 🙂

As always, thanks so much for reading. See you in July (July already, how scary is that?)


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