#WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday – Niomi Smart


So last week’s Woman Crush Wednesday was replaced with my May Blogger Favourites. This was because I wanted it to go out on a Wednesday, and it wasn’t anything to do with the fact that I’m too lazy didn’t get a chance to write it before then as well as a WCW post. Nothing at all to do with that. Lazy bitch syndrome/lack of social life as a result of working all day err day continues…

Excuses – and boring you to death with my moans and groans on how many hours you work in TV – aside, this month’s woman crush follows in a similar vein of my may favourite’s as it is in fact, a fellow blogger. (I’m all for the appreciation of fellow bloggers, girl power and all that…)

The blogger I am girl crushing perving on loving this week, is Niomi Smart.

As with most of my recommendations, I’m sure you will have heard of her before. If you haven’t, she’s a fashion, lifestyle and food blogger (with an amazing Youtube channel too) who is beyond stunning. Let’s start with the beauty side of things…

She doesn’t wear foundation – Yep, I said it, that flawless skin is actually natural with a smidgen of powder. – To say I am jealous would be an understatement, therefore I am swiftly copying her skincare/makeup/way of life, in attempt to emulate that glow.

Talking of ‘Way of life’, Naomi appears to adopt a very healthy lifestyle, and whilst I can’t exactly say the same for myself – 3 Indian, Thai or Pizza takeaways/Meals out, a week, probably doesn’t constitute to too much of your 5 a day – it has definitely inspired me to live a little healthier. Starting with Breakfast a la Naomi. (link to the youtube vid here, I hate the word ‘Nom’ but this video is actually ‘nom worthy’) in addition to a great ‘Healthy Living’ post here. Followed by some drool worthy pictures/recipes below. You can thank me later…

Healthy Squash Pizza

And then there’s the fashion. She has the prettiest look book on her Youtube channel but it’s her blog that I’ve been happily stalking following all week for fashion inspiration. Here’s a few of my favourite looks of hers. **Hides purse, ties myself to my chair to avoid going on a major Niomi Inspired Shopping spree**

And can we just talk about that shoe collection?!?!?!

So I think that’s enough girl crushing for now. I’m off to a meeting in Soho – always my favourite as it’s a stone’s throw from Oxford St and too many lovely coffee shops – but before I go, I would love to hear who you’ve been loving lately. Any celeb looks you’ve fallen in love with? Any new bloggers with a drool worthy makeup/wardrobe collection that I ‘need’ to check out?

Answers on a postcard.
(…and because I’ve always wanted to use that phrase – Yes I am a massive loser, I know – what that really means is in the comments below) 😉
Thanks for reading guys, see you in the next one!

11 responses to “#WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday – Niomi Smart”

  1. Agreed! She certainly has amazing style. Very jealous of that shoe closet!

  2. Katie says:

    I've just started following her. It was that shoe collection that sealed the deal. Love her recipes too!

    Katie <3

  3. I love naomi, shes so flawless her make up is perfect 🙂 ali x

  4. I agree, she's beautiful and one of my new favourite blog finds too!

  5. Zack Smith says:

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