Embracing Colour

I am a woman of lots of words but very little colour in her wardrobe. After watching Niomi’s haul in which she only purchased items of colour (and I mean bright colours, not your classic black, white and neutrals) I was inspired to do a little summer brights shopping myself. Any excuse…

Starting with some skorts that are most definitely “I need some sunglasses on to look in your direction” worthy, meaning I definitely succeeded in my ‘branch out and wear something other than black you boring bitch‘ mission. Neutrals 0 – living life on the edge, Yolo style – 1!

Please excuse the distinct lack of abs. It appears crop tops are not such a great idea for someone who demolished a buffet breakfast, – hey multiple fry ups – Harvester and an Indian feast the same day. Who’d have known?

Crop top: New Look 
Skorts that might just be my most comfortable, favourite summer item: Primark. Good old Primark!
Kim Kardashian-esque shoes: River Island.
Jacket used purely as a prop: Miss Selfridge

During the rest of the day…
Beautiful, beautiful Miranda Kerr with my ideal makeup look! – Hotel breakfast buffets are my one true love – erm, my other one true love? 😉 Dan and I in Windsor – Pretty flowers make me happy

So that’s about it for today. I’ll take this moment to praise my best friend/second home/mecca, Primark, for producing a beautiful pair of skorts right there, and for an even more beautiful price. (£7 FYI, unbelievable) They will not be off of my legs for the rest of our English summer. Which basically means I won’t be wearing them again… 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post guys – please let me know your thoughts on ‘skorts’, do you own a pair, any more bargainous ones out there? I am all ears!

As always, thanks so much for reading!


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