I’ve never done one of these ‘BlogRoll’ type of posts before. I think that’s because I have a tendency to fan girl, girl crush drool over my favourite bloggers at the best of times, let alone a whole blog post focused on doing just that. But here I am, deciding to share the love today.

And of course it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my face has had an explosive breakout making me resemble a pizza. Nothing at all… 😉

I’ve tried to cut this list down as much as possible – yep, this is my short version – but I do want to take a minute to say that there are literally 100’s of blogs that I love and adore, but these are just the ones particularly floating my boat right now. My go-to blogs if you will.

Onto the stalk-ee’s, err… I mean bloggers.

The “I want your camera, photography/editing skills and all round dreamy life” list.

What Olivia Did – I’ve mentioned Liv before and I’ll mention her again. Her outfit photo’s are what dreams are made of. Crisp, clean, light and airy – I apologies profusely in advance for the repetition of the phrase ‘light and airy’ throughout the rest of this post – not to mention that her actual outfit choices are always spot on. Girly and sophisticated and always well put together.

Jazzabelles Diary – I’ve never spoken about Jazzabelle’s blog before and I have no idea why. Not only is her style probably the most wearable out of my list – for me anyway – but there has never been an outfit she’s featured that I wouldn’t very happily wear myself. Factor in the fact that her photographs have that dreamy bright almost vintage feel as they tend to have a slight yellow/sepia effect and you’re on to an absolute winner.

Wish Wish Wish – If Pinterest were a blog, it would be Wish, Wish, Wish. Every photo looks like it belongs in an editorial magazine. So, so bright, sleek, airy, dreamy, heavenly… there are not enough adjectives in the world to do them justice. Her style is pretty darn lovely too. Quite similar to Olivia from ‘What Olivia Did’ in the girlie stakes but also with a more vintage vibe. Just check her out – if you haven’t already, which I’m sure you have – you won’t regret it…

 The “Please can I have your wardrobe” list

Lily Melrose from LLYMLRS – I have loved Lily’s blog ever since I can remember. She was one of the first fashion bloggers I ever stumbled across and the love is still there, all these years later. For me – Lily isn’t just a blogger, but a brand. LLYLRS is the perfect blog in terms of consistency, easy to read posts, and she always has a way of making you feel like she’s one of your friends – #LoserConfessions – and I completely adore her style. Simple but chic and generally *insert Cheryl Cole Geordie accent here* “right up my street!” Lily is simply the epitome of cool!

Charlotte Fisher – I mentioned Charlotte in my previous favourites post and she’s still sitting very pretty in my blogroll now. Every outfit is just so well put together, it just works. I always feel like her outfits take careful consideration and yet she still manages to give off such an effortless vibe. Find a girl that can rock pastels and pink more than Charlotte and well, you’re a better person than me 🙂 …

EJ Style – Emma is a new favourite of mine as I literally discovered her a matter of days ago. How she slipped through the net, I will never know. But she’s here in my blogroll favourites now and my god, is she here to stay. Every Instagram photo, outfit posts leaves me with the extremely uncool desire to beg Emma to share her wardrobe with me. Yeah, that cool. From the ripped denim to the brights and prints to the leather jackets, her blog is a constant source of inspiration. Plus she’s from South East London like me. Go on girl!

The “I need your makeup collection – and face – stat!”

Liza Prideaux – Liza is another new discovery that I found after a little twitter chat regarding IMATS.
Her makeup is just flawless, her tutorials easy to follow, and she just seems like a really lovely, friendly girl making her extremely watchable. Someone you’d want to be friends with (OK, I’m slowly drifting into major loser territory here!) She’s just great, go check out her Youtube and Blog 🙂

VivianaDoesMakeup – If you haven’t heard of Anna’s blog, then you clearly must have been hiding under or a rock – or floordrobe/Makeup room/[insert your own superficial idea here] – Anna posts daily and uploads video’s twice a week. If there’s something you’re looking to buy, she’s reviewed it. If there’s a new product out, she’s got the 411 on it. All with an incredible personality and humour to boot. VDM is an old fave and definitely always will be. Her weekly vlogs are also my new addiction, shh…

Hello October – Suzie’s YouTube and Blog has really, really taken off this year, and I don’t think it could be anymore deserved. Her video’s are always so well shot, always relevant and she just comes across so friendly and chatty… she’s a joy to watch (the fact that she’s stunningly beautiful doesn’t hurt either…) Her makeup is always flawless and I have been particularly loving her style video’s and vlogs of late. I would bet money on the fact that she will grow more and more popular and I can’t wait to see it happen.

I’m going to end my girl crushing/blogger stalking session here by saying that I highly recommend you checking out all of these blogs if you haven’t already. They genuinely give me so much fashion and beauty – and life! – inspiration, amusement and distraction when I’m meant to be working I can honestly say that I look forward to reading every new post.
So tell me, who’s blog do I need to check out? Who are your favourite bloggers? I love hearing your suggestions 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks so much for reading!

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