The #BourjoisSummer Launch


I am not a very cool person. No, I mean it, – not that you need any convincing… – I’m not just being modest, I’m just really not that cool. Which is why receiving an invite to the new product launch of one of your favourite brand’s (Bourjois FYI), when half way through filming a TV show, wasn’t exactly the best scenario to receive the news in. There were squeals, there was excitement, I basically pranced around like an absolute tit at the thought of seeing the new launch.

Cool Elle, really cool.

So last night I trotted down to Global Radio, Leicester square, for a Rooftop Summer BBQ – and cocktails, there is no such thing as a Blogger event without cocktails – to check out Bourjois’ new summer releases. And believe me Bourjois fans, you are in for a treat.

I’l’ be doing a full review of everything I received – and already owned – from the range but I thought a quick little ‘first impressions’/verbal diarrhoea ramble might be interesting for you.

The rouge edition velvets. These bad boys are just too pretty for words. Bourjois have added some new shades to the mix for summer and they are just as perfect as the originals. My favourites from the range so far are Nude-ist (the shade that I personally think was missing from the original line up. It’s perfect) and ‘Ole Flamingo’ which is the brightest, prettiest red toned pink.

The contour clubbing waterproof liners. The only word that describes these are.. wow. (great description there Elle. My English teacher would be so proud…) The colours; as well as some extremely beautiful but wearable blacks and bronzey/browns, they have added the brightest, most vibrant colours to the collection including a neon pink (number 58, pink about you) and bright mint green (number 59, dynamic) I have also spied the most gorgeous metallic teal colour that I will get my hands on.

Next up are the face products. Bourjois’ ‘chocolate bronzer’ as it’s more commonly referred to, I’m pretty sure is – or has been – a staple in 99% of make up lover’s go-to products. It’s a classic, matte enough to provide a contour, but warm enough to use it for an all over bronze.

The new releases in Bourjois’ Summer collection are just as good. In fact, ‘good’ definitely does not do them justice. is a bronzing and highlighting duo that’s perfect to take with you on the go. is a bit more, exotic…shall we say? It’s a high shimmer gold/bronze colour that is perfect for the braze, bronze lovers, but maybe not your pick if you prefer a more natural colour. Either way, there’s something for everyone!

Finally, and probably what I’m most excited about is the two new colours of their cream blushes, these will be heavily featured soon so I won’t bore you all to sleep. Basically, they are summer perfection. One has a real bronzey glow, pretty much a cream bronzer on pale – medium skin tones. The other is lighter rosey/bronze colour. They are both incredible. That is all!

Make up perving over, it’s on to the lovely ‘extra’s’ of a blogging event. You know the ones, the cocktails, the perfect views and the chocolate fountain. Yep, the chocolate fountain. Marry make up and chocolate and I am genuinely in my very happy place. I couldn’t help but dive in.

Well, not literally dive in, although I was tempted…

Even my resident photographer – aka Dan, my poor boyfriend that I dragged along with me – approved. “What did you think of the new launches Dan?” “That chocolate fountain was amazing!” Beauty from a man’s perspective…

 Next time, I’ll drop the make up questions and leave him to what he does best.
Look at the concentration on that face! 😉

Last but not least, the goody bag. This deserves – and will get – a full post to itself. Packed full of products from the new range, in the most gorgeous bag. Complete with a chick flick, more chocolate, some sunglasses and fruit crisps. Winning, Charlie Sheen style!

So I think that’s about it for my minimal round up (yep, that was minimal for me) If you’ve made it to this point without falling asleep onto your keyboard, congratulations – and thank you, you’re a far more patient person than I am 🙂 – No words can do justice to just how stunning the Summer colours Bourjois have brought out, are. I strongly recommend you go and have a swatch in your local Boots and Superdrug when they’re out next week, if you don’t believe in love at first sight…I’m pretty sure you will do then.*

*Excuse me while I’m sick in my mouth over how cheesy that sentence was.

Thank you so much to the lovely Anna and Bourjois for inviting me, I had an amazing evening.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you attended the event I would love to hear what you thought, any links to your blog posts on it?
If you didn’t attend, are there any colours/products that tickle your fancy? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading!

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