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Many people, have many different opinions and perceptions of what Heaven might be. Some would immediately think of heaven in biblical terms. Some may think of a feast at their favourite restaurant.  Some might think of a stroll round Topshop on Oxford Street all by yourself. And some might dream of walking round a huge venue with countless stalls, selling not very accessible make up brands at discounted prices, surrounded by an abundance of makeup lovers.

I fall completely into the latter category. (Well, slightly into the second and third option too, but mainly the latter) This is why, when my lovely friend Hannah asked if I fancied going to IMATS this year, I hot footed it straight to my computer and ordered a ticket.
Two weekends ago was IMATS weekend and I came, I saw and I conquered* 

I was actually extremely restrained considering how much I wanted to buy  Blue Peter badge worthy, right? – but I think I went for quality over quantity.

First up, Make Up Forever HD foundation. *Happy sigh* I have wanted to try this foundation for a very long time, however, being a UK resident, it’s not so easily accessible over here. I’ve used it on and off for the last two weeks and so far, so very very lovely. Radiant but long lasting, it just ‘perfects’ skin even on a bad skin day. Review to follow shortly.

Inglot blusher. I have no idea what colour this is (but it’s gorgeous). I also bought this is in palette form – without having a palette may I add, – and let me just say that the pigmentation on these bad boys is really quite special. Use a very light hand if you don’t want to look like a clown/someone out of TOWIE. (I think after working on the show for a year, I have earned the right to be able to make jokes on their behalf right?)
Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate – As you can see, I only purchase 3 mini tubes of this just in case I wasn’t too much of a fan, and if there’s one thing I regret from my IMATS purchases, it was not buying a full size of this. From trying it for only a few days – obviously not enough time to get the full picture but on first impressions – it is incredible! I won’t waffle on but I can’t wait to review this in a few weeks time. I think I may be on to a winner here!

I did also purchase a small eyebrow brush but I had a complete Blogger fail and forgot to photograph it, and  take down the name of the brand as the brush isn’t branded. Good one Elle, good one.

As for IMATS, that was it. As I mentioned, there were an infinite amount of items that I wanted to buy but the angel on my shoulder was reminding me about the house I am trying to buy, and the gremlin in my stomach was reminding me that I needed some lunch. Off to Covent Garden it was.

We had planned to go somewhere a bit ‘different’, try something new, however the torrential rain put paid to that, so a quick dash to the nearest restaurant it was. You can’t go wrong with Pizza Express anyway, especially having coeliac disease and they have a wide range of gluten free items. Exhibit 1, the most incredible GF padana pizza – goats cheese, mozzarella, caramelised onions with added tuna. DAYUM… that shit was good 😉

Then it was time for a quick snog. The frozen yogurt, you dirty lot, what are you like?!

Followed by a trip to complete ‘Girly girl heaven’ The Benefit pub, Gabbi’s Head, for cocktails and makeup drooling. And Benefit They’re real eyeliner freebie’ing. Winning… 

Make up, girly chats, pizza and cocktails. What more could a girl want? I don’t know, you tell me. What is your idea of heaven? Did you make it to IMATS, pick up any great products? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thanks so much for reading!

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