I love nothing more than a good basic. (Chocolate, Curry and Coffee aside, obviously) As someone that works long hours and often has early mornings, having my basics at hand is always a winner as getting ready in the morning usually involves doing so in the dark.

Apart from the time I went into work – at 5am may I add – with my jeans on back to front. True story. Don’t ask!
My favourite basic at the moment is a new purchase from ASOS. I had a £20 voucher that needed spending – which is always a recipe for disaster as let’s face it, who can shop on ASOS and spend less than £20? – and this little beauty, in the sale for £10, was right at the top of my list.

Said basic ‘beauty’ that is not only ridiculously comfortable, easy to wear and versatile, but also an amazing choice for those ‘all you can eat buffet’ times. Classy times people, classy times…

You may have sneakily seen this dress in my previous post about my new bag – yep, another one – but I love it too much not to feature it on it’s own. The Breton stripes really do make this outfit so effortless, whether you pair it with loafers and a trilby, or boots and a biker jacket. The possibilities are endless.
Apologies for sounding like an Adidas advert. Impossible is nothing (…and all that jazz!)

Dress: Asos
Boots: Zara
Bag: Aldo
Watch and Buckle bracelet: Michael Kors
Hair resembling Hagrid on a bad hair and generally dishevelled look: courtesy of the poxy wind and and overzealous spritz of Charles Worthington Texturising spray.

On the subject of wind, I think it’s safe to say that our summer is over, isn’t it? This devastates me and makes me happy in equal measures. I will sincerely miss being able to wake up, throw on a pair of skorts, a tee, and sliders without having to factor in any wind, rain, cold situations. (Not to forgot being able to rock a natural tan, of course!) I am however, stupidly happy to be able to pull out my chunky knit sweaters, leather trousers and endless supply of boots from the depths of my wardrobe again. Will I be ruing the day I said that when I’m freezing my nips off cold? probably. But I’m willing to put it out there for now.
I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to know what your go-to basics are? What items you’re always relying on in your wardrobe? Help a girl out and give me some – much unneeded – shopping inspo 🙂
As always, thanks so much for reading!

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