I’ll let you into a little secret, I’m really not very good when it comes to blogging events. (Well, let’s be honest, if you’ve been to an event that I’m at and have seen me cowering in the corner too much of a pussy shy to introduce myself to anyone then that will definitely not be a secret to you.) I digress. I was invited to Scarlett’s #BloggerFestival and this time, despite sometimes having the social awkwardness at blogging events to rival Sheldon from the Big Bang theory, I was really excited about.

Scarlett put on an amazing Cocktails and blogging event last year so I knew we would all be in for treat, and I definitely wasn’t wrong (which makes a lovely change!) With incredible brands there such as Very, Want Her Dress, Urban Outfitters, Ecco and many more; wandering around Paramount, the 31st floor of Centrepoint – i.e with access to the most stunning views – talking to like minded girls and browsing great brands… it was basically my idea of a perfect evening.*

*Add into the mix that I also finished off the evening with a huge Indian meal at Aladin on Brick Lane and you’re talking utter perfection. Yep, you can always rely on me to lower the tone 😉

Quiz clothing is not a store that I tend to shop in as it is quite…vajazzled out there – lots of sequins, very dramatic etc. but if you have a prom, or somewhere that requires a more dressy outfit, Quiz is a great, affordable option.
The Urban Outfitters stand. Oh Urban Outfitters, damn you and your completely perfect – but pretty expensive – clothing. The scarves, jackets, dresses, accessories (practically everything then) were utter perfection. If I wasn’t such a tight arse, I would be hot footing it to UO for major haul times. As it is however, I shall just be dawdling to Primark instead. Or crying in to my tea and biscuits. 😉

Pretty summer shoes with the most incredible view. I have lived in London my entire life and yet whenever I am lucky enough to visit venues such as Paramount, I am always blown away by just how incredible my city is. Another beautiful, gush worthy London picture to follow later in the post.
Both of the above pictures are of shoes from the store Want Her Dress The beautiful red floral wedges linkd here I am also completely in love with the monochrome peep toe wedges above. They are such a standout and might just be my pick of the entire event. Love!

Once I’d perused most of the stalls/pop up stores, I headed for some finger nail vajazzling. OK, that is actually a lie, I walked passed a pretty looking stall with nail wraps and the next thing I knew, I was having some very glitzy silver patterned wraps put on my nails. (much to the amusement of my boyfriend) I don’t often use nail wraps however I think they can look pretty cool and not totally illegal for special occasions.

Ahhh, everyone loves an outtake right? My favourite thing about blogging events, is meeting other bloggers. I already knew Jess so it was so lovely to catch up with her, and also so nice to meet Claudia. They both have incredible blogs so go and check them out!

  It It was finally time to leave, so with one last look of the beautiful city – and countless pictures for Instagram of course – it was off to get down and dirty with some Indian food. There’s only one place for an authentic Indian and that has to be on Brick Lane (we tried Aladin for the first time and it was absolutely incredible!) But first, let me take a selfie a very quick OOTD on Fashion Street.
For those thinking that I must have been desparate for pictures, featuring the one below, I thought I’d take this moment to give a shoutout to the complete and utter tit in the background. And a word of advice – shouting s**t at a girl in the street is not a good idea, because she will turn around and completely mug you off in front of the girl you’re trying to impress. Rant over! 🙂

Grandad Jumper: Stolen from the boyfriend
Skirt: Good Old Primarni, always coming up trumps! 🙂
Leopard Print, slightly Kat Slater-esque shoes: Primark
The watch that I have a borderling obsession of: Daniel Wellington

So that concludes my very lengthy, picture heavy post. If you’ve got to this stage of it then thank you – and well done! – for persevering. Thank you Scarlett – if you’re reading this – for putting on another great event (…now go and relax and get some sleep) The brands were brilliant, the venue completely perfect and the company – all you other bloggy lot 🙂 – just lovely!
If you attended the event and we never got to exchange blogs/links, please leave them in the comments below so I can go and wile away hours of my time, stalk your blogswallow is unproductive self pity check them all out! Oh, and if any of you have posted any blog posts on the event then I would love to have a nose at them too 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this post and had a wonderful weekend. As always, thanks so much for reading!

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