Can I just take a moment to pat myself on the back for coming up with the world’s cheesiest title? [insert hand clapping emoji here] Yes, I’ve managed a title cheesier than the spice girls but that’s not the point of today’s post (although if it were, I’ve done a pretty cracking job if I do say so myself) Today’s post is dedicated to the change in season. It may still be only August but us lucky UK citizens have once again had our summer cut ridiculously short – can you tell I’m definitely not bitter at all about that? 😉 – and I have already found myself lemming for some Autumn essentials*

*That’s fall for you lot from the US. Also a note that when I say ‘essentials’, that pretty much reads – lovely new clothes and makeup that are new in, that I definitely don’t ‘need’ but definitely do want.

Mac Faux Lipstick – This is a lipstick that I have researched – yes, I genuinely waste my time searching for people’s lips wearing this lipstick [insert ‘can’t look’ emoji here] – on and off for years. I picked it up on a complete whim a few weeks ago and literally haven’t worn anything else since. It’s the perfect wearable nude lip colour for all year round but I am especially loving it for Autumn as it has that gorgeous plumy pink undertone. I’d say it was Mac Angel’s more grown up sister. (I’d also say I was massive loser paring lipsticks up as family members) It’s a satin and I have to say, this is easily my favourite Mac formulation. So long lasting and moisturising. Love, love, love!

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette – This palette is so ridiculously well loved. I’ve had it for years, used it for years and still love it. I’m kind of cheating by adding in the whole palette (although the whole palette is very beautiful) as my particular Autumn favourite has got to be Toasted. It’s a metallic purple/silvery/plum colour and it’s just beautiful. No explanation (especially not mine anyway) does it justice so go and swatch it, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

Barry M’s Cappuccino – An oldie, but definitely a goodie. It’s your standard purple tinted grey, very similar to Tanya Burr’s Penguin Chick, that just looks so classic and sophisticated.  Great formula, opaque in 2 coats… perfect for Autumn.

These photo’s belong to Pinterest.

Chunky Knit Sweaters/Turtle necks – Potentially my favourite thing about Fall/Autumn (simple things please simple minds and all that…) I have an embarrassingly large collection of knitwear, however my photography skills just could not capture it as well as the beautiful photo’s on Pinterest (pictured above) and considering the fact that I have spent too many hours wasting my time searching for knitwear on pinterest, I thought it would be fitting to show some of my favourites here instead. Cosy, comfortable, warm and chic. I’ll be wearing *all* the knitwear for the foreseeable future.

The Autumn Boot – These Zara beauty’s have been in my wardrobe for around a year now. They were reduced from a quite ridiculous price down to £30 and I knew as I soon as I saw them that they had to be mine. I have an endless collection of black boots but these are actually different to anything I have. I love the pointed toe, I love that they’re so comfortable despite having a 3 inch heel. I love that you can wear them day to day but also wear them with a dressier outfit. Basically in case you hadn’t already picked this up… I love them!

Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Candle – I believe this was a Limited edition candle last Christmas (I do often get these things wrong so don’t be surprised if I’m completely barking up the wrong tree) If Christmas had one particular scent, it would be this candle. Which, I know, should be slightly illegal considering we’re only in September but as the sun is no longer shining, the cold is beckoning, and let’s face it… Bath and Body works Leaves is nearly impossible for us UK bloggers to get hold of, I’m all for bringing on the Christmas scents.

Miscellaneous Little things:
Buying a new coat – Chai Latte’s, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes… basically all of Starbucks’ A/W drinks 🙂 – Crisp bright mornings – beautiful burnt orange leaves – Watching cute little kids having conker fights (in a completely non perverted way) – Wearing *all* the layers – Primark’s Super cosy tights – Cinnamon. Cinnamon everything – Shopping for a new seasonal wardrobe (I’m sure you’re all nodding your heads at that one) – New makeup, plum tones, darker lips, copper eyes…
Apologies if this post has been long and ramble’y – why change the habit of a life time eh? – but I have been happily embracing Autumn so I thought I’d share those favourites with you. 
I would absolutely love to know what Autumnal things you’ve been enjoying/looking forward to, or are you just not ready to chuck your bikini to the back of your wardrobes yet? Let me know in the comments below 🙂
As always, thank you so much reading, see you in the next post!

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