I know that after copious amounts of “New Shoes” posts, I definitely do not need to ramble through 3 paragraphs explaining/attempting to justify my addiction to buying new shoes. So I’m just gonna go right in and get to the juicy details of the pair in question today. They’re from Primark – Oh hey shock of a life time – they’re leopard print and black with a pointy toe. They’re basically my favourite new things (which basically reads: favourite shoes for today, until I know doubt head to Primark tomorrow and buy another pair)

What I love about these, is that I feel like they are the taller, clumsier girl’s heels. I’m 5.7 – and a half. That half is obviously so important 😉 – so unless I’m attending a slightly dressier occasion, I’ll tend to stick with flats/heeled boots. I do however have a ridiculous fear of being under dressed – yeah, first world problems…I know! – but luckily these shoes make an outfit look dressier and smart enough to shun the high heeled bad boys. Win win all around.

These flats were part of Primark’s ‘Limited Edition’ range which made them slightly more expensive than the average Primark shoes (at a whopping £16, shut the fuck up front door!) but in my opinion, totally worth it. The Leopard print material is made from some sort of… haaaairy material [read: I haven’t got a bloody clue, but it definitely isn’t real] which makes them feel a bit more authentic too. My descriptive skills are as good as Britney Spears miming so I shall leave the description there, but basically, I love them 🙂

So what d’ya reckon, are these *insert Cheryl’s Geordie accent here* “Right up your street?” Or are you thinking Kat Slater is going to call me and ask her for shoes back at any minute? I would love to know your thoughts!
P.S I have been ridiculously stressed this week and therefore ridiculously naughty too (don’t tell me I’m the only one that uses retail therapy to ‘make things better’) and have made an eye-wateringly expensive haul from House of Fraser, including a very luxurious lipstick purchase. All will be revealed soon 🙂
As always, thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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