When it comes to seasonal style, one thing in my wardrobe pretty much runs throughout the entire year, and that is that I am quite simply addicted to black, grey and neutrals. Yes, it’s boring and yes, I do wish I had the balls to pick out the brightest item in the store and rock it with confidence but the truth is – give me a biker jacket, Breton tee and skinny jeans and I’m in my – very narrow-minded – zone.

This changed however when I noticed possibly the most seasonal appropriate dress I have ever seen in H&M. I absolutely love H&M and it’s by far my favourite high street store so of course I bought it. All in the name of standing by my fave store, obviously… [insert guilty/”please don’t kill me for buying even more clothes, boyf” face here]

So by now you would’ve seen my new dress courtesy of a complete photobomb from me – apologies ladies, but when you’ve got good lighting and don’t look completely shrek-like, you need to take that and run with it…know what I’m saying? – It’s from H&M, it was a minuscule £9.99 and I think it is the epitome of Autumn. From the colours, to the leaf-like print, I am in love. 

I am obviously also in love with italics which I promise to go easy on from now on 😉

Autumnal, bargainous dress: H&M
Gilet: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Ebay

I am so happy to say – not that I am self-indulgent enough to think that anyone will even care – that I feel like I’ve finally got my blogging [wait for it, here comes the most sickening word in existence] ‘mojo’ back. I have always loved writing and if I have ever slacked on posts it would only be through lack of time and definitely not through lack of inspiration. I put far too much pressure on myself to have the perfect picture, composition, depth of field etc. – yes you can say it, I am a first world problem dick! – but I finally feel happy with my pictures/edits (thanks to a very patient boyfriend of mine with exceptional photography skills) today, and long may it continue!

Have any of you purchased this dress? Are you branching – see what I did there? yep, I’m cool – out and embracing colour, or are the neutrals back for good? I would love to hear your thoughts!
As always, thank you so much for reading, see you in the next post!

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