I saw a tweet during a beauty chat once saying that hereditary dark circles don’t exist. Drink more water, get more sleep, shove some cucumber on your eyes and you’re sorted, they said. There are no excuses, they said. Well let me let you into a secret of mine – I have always had dark circles, right from young. And having experienced patches of life when I’ve slept for 15hours + for weeks on end and drank plenty of vodka and soda water (Oh Hi teenage years, you were a delight) and still not noticed any difference in the tone of my dark circles… I can tell you ladies that hereditary dark circles definitely do exist. So thanks for that Mum or Dad, really grateful for that one… 😉

Now, I didn’t just go on a rant, boring you all into 2015 for no reason – yes, I know I could’ve fooled you.. – my memoirs of a girl who looks like she’s been punched in the eyeballs was actually to let you know that I may have finally found an eye cream that can actually help improve dark circles. Not cure, because I don’t think that’s possible, but definitely improve.

Vichy Idealia Eyes – Now, I had a little introduction to Vichy just over a year ago after attending a lovely event – post here – and sampling many of their products. I was also lucky enough to try their Idealia Serum (the same range which said eye cream is part of) and absolutely loved it, so I was very excited when Vichy contacted me to test out the Eye cream counterpart.

First things first, texture – It’s definitely more moisturizing than my previous eye cream of choice – Pond’s Institute’s FYI – it feels really nourishing without leaving the dreaded oily, greasy, chip fat film on the skin. A little goes a long way which I also love because if you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I am all about the value for money!

I am not usually one that judges a product for it’s packaging, if it works, it works… whether it’s dressed in Tesco value stripes or Tom Ford luxurious gold and gunmetal grey. I do however have to say that I love the packaging of this product. The metallic/sheeny pink packaging is a delight for the old dressing table and applicator itself, a transparent rubber tip – which I don’t tend to use, I’m more of a “whack it on the finger and rub all over” kinda girl – is a nice little touch as you can see the product coming through.

The main factor in why I love this product so much however, has to be the luminous particles in the cream itself. It does exactly what the serum does in the way that it immediately luminizes your eyes and face, making them look more awake, glowy, fresh… basically like you’ve had 8hours sleep and all  of those gallons of water you’re meant to drinking. And that is more than OK in my opinion.

I think the only downside of the beautiful luminosity in this product, is that it’s hard to know whether it’s actually making a difference to your dark circles as the tinted balm and blowy effect, obviously leaves your skin as soon as you wash it off. I do however think that it has made even the slightest of difference. Whether that’s mind over matter, or placebo effect… I will happily take 10 seconds out of my day to make the huge difference that it does when it’s on the skin.

So I think that that is about it when it comes to this Eye cream. If you’re looking for an eye cream to really nourish and moisturise the skin, whilst also instantly improving the effects of dark circles (as well as over time), then the Vichy Idealia Eyes is your guy. If you do want to pick it up, you can find it in large Boots stores for £23.00* or buy online from one of these online stores.
Let me know if you’ve tried this Vichy beauty and what you think about it. Also, any eye cream recommendations? Don’t forget to tell me about them in the comments below 🙂
*This product was sent to me for review purposes, however like all reviews on this blog, this is my 100% true opinion.


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