I am one of those people that question their life often. Daily even. You see, I have a penchant for being slightly embarrassing/ridiculous at times and going to Dubai didn’t stop that unfortunately.

Dubai’s ‘question your life’ moment? The excitement, and I’m talking sheer and utter delight, I experienced at the sight of a Sephora at the Dubai mall. One day I’m sure I’ll manage to get my priorities in check, but for now, I’ll just rave about the Sephora purchases and dream of easily accessible Makeup Forever makeup until that day comes.

My first purchase was a nail polish. Did I need it? No, definitely not. Would it change my life? No, it would be a sad day if it did. But did I buy it and immediately fall in love with it and feel forever grateful that I picked it up? Yes, I did indeed.

It’s from the brand Formula X, and I really really wished I picked more up. The formula is really great – very opaque in two coats, not at all gloopy, a decent sized brush… it just goes on nicely and has so far lasted 5days with barely a chip in sight. Love!

The colour I picked up is called Illusionary, and it somehow – despite having a collection of nail polishes that I am far too embarrassed to event count – manages to be unique to my collection. It’s a gorgeous, pastel, blue toned grey – no lilac or beige undertone in sight – with a very slight metallic/shimmer sheen. It’s elegant, it’s classy looking whilst still being chic, it’s love. And I do apologise to Formula X for totally not being able to capture it’s true beauty.

Next up is by far the most exciting in my opinion. If you haven’t heard of Sephora’s Matte lip creams then where on earth have you been? Please don’t say ‘at home because a family member has died’ or something along those lines because I really will feel very bad 😉 I saw rave reviews from Lily Pebbles and Amelia and that was enough for me, a purchase had to be made.

I didn’t go for the classic red colour which Lily has raved about on countless occasions as I just unfortunately feel like a twat quite clown-like in pure red lipsticks – don’t ask why, they just don’t suit me at all (although I really wished they did) – so I picked up number 3 which is the most gorgeous, raspberry pink/red shade that I just completely love.

Unfortunately the colour does pull slightly more red – and neon – in the above photo’s than it is in real life so bear that in mind. Also please bear in mind that I am extremely unphotogenic and hate full face photo’s – or any photo’s of myself for that matter which bodes really well with the fact that i’m a blogger :/ – so please be kind 🙂

The formulation is incredible, like, seriously incredible. It’s not drying, it lasts for hours but is also really buildable if you need to reapply. The opacity is like nothing I have ever seen, totally opaque in one swipe… it’s a winner. If you’re by a Sephora then you must check them out.*

*We all know that “check them out” means go and swatch every colour – and piss off annoy the shop assistants in the process – and then buy one in every colour. Or at least 1 then (… or 2)

So that marks the end of my very short but sweet Dubai haul. When I return to Dubai – yep, when, as I pretty much planned my next trip within 10 seconds of landing in London – I will definitely check out the Emirates mall as I missed it on this trip (apparently the queues had been horrendous that week, ain’t nobody got time for that...) The Dubai mall was ridiculously beautiful, but who can resist even more shops and an aquarium to boot. In-sane!

What are your thoughts on the Sephora Lip creams and Formula X – Tried any of their products, are they on your “to-buy” list? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading!

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