There are many occurrences in life that brings on that trusty old hashtag, #BloggerProblems. Whether that be regarding to the weather, and trying to negotiate outfit of the days along side wind and rain – Oh hi Hagrid hair – Or if your boyfriend/mum/friend/[insert choice of photographer here] is away and you’re having to fanny around with a tripod and a self timer – ain’t nobody got time for that – but for me, and today’s post, here’s my first world problem…

Not being able to test out a product that you’re desperate to try because you haven’t photographed it first.

Yep, I told you, serious first world problems 😉

Said product in question today is potentially the most luxurious piece of makeup that I’ve ever purchased. The elderly in your family will completely judge you for it because “back in the day” you could have bought a house for the same amount. Your purse will think you’re a massive twat. But sod it, you will not regret it, even when you’re eating beans on toast for the rest of the month…

I was pretty torn between a few of the Tom Ford shades but I finally settled on Spanish Pink, and I am so happy that I did. For pale, medium and olive skin tones (I wouldn’t recommend this for much darker skin tones as it would be too pale) this is the perfect peachy, pink nude. It completely brightens and lifts the face – even my mum said so, and this is a woman and who normally can’t even tell if I’m wearing makeup or not – and for somebody that has to wake up at 5:30am most days, it makes me look a lot fresher than I actually feel. (Result!)

The above picture of the lips is completely unedited – apart from the blur of everything but the lips, of course – but the colour of my lips themselves are true to form. I have huge lips – no seriously, any bigger and I’ll be rivalling Jay Z – so it takes a lot for me to love a lipstick and find a formulation that’s flattering on me. This one? again, perfection… It’s moisturising, it applies so well, it doesn’t accentuate dry patches, it lasts a decent(ish) amount of time (4/5hours without eating a full on meal. There ain’t no way I’m going that length of time without some snacks and coffee) It’s basically my new pride and joy.

I have to wrap it up here ladies because I could talk about this lipstick forever. If you love a peachy pink and don’t mind splashing the cash once in a while (and disappointing your elderly relatives for a moment in the process) this ones for you.
So, thoughts beautiful people – Do you own this, have you had your eye on it for a while? Or is the £37 price point just too much? I would love to hear your thoughts!
As always, thank you so much for reading.

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