You may remember that a little while ago now I attended the BloggerFestival organised by the lovely Scarlett London. I had an amazing time, meeting people and checking out some incredible brands and products. One item however, I was completely drawn to more than anything else. That item was the shoes in question today. 
Note: my feet are not fake tanned, or orange and patchy in real life… that would be the result of a dull day and overzealous vibrancy editing 🙂

Said beauties are from a brand called Want Her Dress. I had heard of WHD but I definitely didn’t know a huge amount about them until I got talking to one of the lovely ladies in their team – Chelle – where we got talking about their new A/W range coming out, those beautiful shoes, my job (always sparks a host of questions) and about working together in the future which is the reason I am bringing these beauties to your attention today. I was lucky enough to be sent these from WHD and I have not taking them off my feet in the last couple of days.

Let’s get all up and close and personal shall we? 


As you can see, they’re peep toe wedges with a monochrome, very fine, almost snakeskin-esque print. Because of the wedge heel they are genuinely so comfortable and easy to walk around in (which is good because believe me, elegant I am not) The peep-toe is large enough to not cut in to your feet – although I do seem to ever so slightly have 10 to 2 toes in these shoes, sexy… – so despite being 4/5inches high, I can get away with wearing them all day and still be able to feel my feet.

So I think by now you get that I love these shoes, right? Shall I let you into something that isn’t so obvious so far in this post? Yes you’d love that? Well that’s great to hear 😉 What isn’t obvious from the pictures so far, is the stray cat that decided to come along and try and steal my thunder.

Ain’t nobody got time for that, cat…

But don’t worry ladies, if any cats try and sneak in front of your OOTD or shoe pictures, what I found really effective was to just boot it in the head****

****PLEASE NOTE, I did not actually kick the cat. No cats were hurt in the making of this post 😉

My acting skills are clearly as good as Danny Dyer’s in Eastenders (i.e completely non-existent). As for the rest of the outfit, we have:

Recycled shirt that I just cannot take off: H&M
Pre-wripped jeans that are continuing to rip #HomelessPersonChic: Primark
Beautiful shoes: Want Her Dress (that you can buy here)

So what are you thoughts guys – do you like these shoes, are they a little bit edgy for you? Or are you hot-footing it to snap a pair up now? I would love to your thoughts 🙂
As I am writing this I am currently packing for a much needed holiday which I am leaving for tonight. Things have been pretty manic lately – well, for the last few years actually – so I am beyond excited for my first holiday in 4 years. I do love my job but I am ridiculously excited to leave the world of TV behind for a week and head off to Dubai for some R + R. I do have a scheduled post ready though so you don’t miss me – you know, because obviously you’re all going to be crying into your coco pops at the thought of no posts for a week 😉 – so I really hope you enjoy that.
As always, thanks so much for reading. I’ll see you all in a week’s time… hopefully with less dark circles and general fatigue!

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