Ever since I started being contacted by companies to work with them on certain projects, I made a pact with myself – because I’m cool like that, obviously – to never accept any offers that didn’t fit in with my blog/that I wouldn’t chose to purchase or be involved with on my own accord.

Ever since I started receiving these offers, I have never felt so chuffed and eager to get involved with a project than when I was asked to take part in the BBC Children In Need #Bearfaced campaign. If you’re not in the UK or have never heard of Children in Need, it is a charity that raises money for, and funds over 2600 projects for disabled children and young people in the UK. It is an absolutely incredible charity and I am delighted to be involved with their #Bearfaced challenge – a challenge which sees you go make up free except for a pudsey paw print (which you can purchase in Boots for £1, proceeds go to the charity) for a selfie that you then upload to the BBC Children in need website. You can also get friends and family to sponsor you to do it, again with the proceeds going towards the charity.

So here I am, giving you a word of warning… you are about to see my face make up free, it’s not pretty – in fact it’s pretty bloody terrifying, but hey, Halloween season and all that? – but it is for charity and if I can help the cause even in the tiniest way, then it’s all worth it!

Yep, told you it was horrendous.

Along with being a part of the campaign, I was also lucky enough to be sent a range of products from No7. No7 is exclusive to Boots, who are actually sponsors of Children in need. I will 100% – jesus christ, I’m regressing to my TOWIE days – be doing a review on these as so far, I have found them to be incredible!

I know this has been a slightly random and different post for me – not the usual superficial, sartorial stuff in other words 🙂 – but I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and more importantly, decided to get involved yourselves. The Children in need appeal show goes out on November 14th and if you haven’t watched it before – which I’m sure all UK readers probably have – I would highly recommend you do. Not only is it packed full of funny sketches from some of the biggest stars at the moment, but it is so incredibly humbling and thought provoking and puts – for me personally – silly every day worrying and stress into perspective. 
So that’s it from me today, if you’ve got involved with the Bearfaced challenge I would absolutely love to see your posts. I’ll be having a commenting spree on all Bearfaced posts as I personally found it terrifying myself, and always find it reassuring see lovely comments! Also, if anyone has any thoughts/reviews on the No7 products below, please let me know in the comments below 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I’ll be back soon with more superficial stuff and less Shrek-like selfies soon!

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