Coffee. That little cup of goodness that picks you when you’re down. Wakes you up in the morning when even matchsticks can’t keep yours eyes open, and the mid afternoon pick me up when home time seems so near but yet so, so far away.

It also helps you feel just that little bit less corpse-like when you’ve had the flu, have blown your nose into oblivion and haven’t slept for a week, as well as serving as a great people-watching excuse and motivation to actually get out of the house that has now become a germ-ridden prison. Sexy stuff people, sexy stuff… So when I finally did start to recover from what felt like death, I packed up my shit stuff and headed for Hej which is fast becoming one of my favourite little “trendy” coffee shops.

So I thought I’d take you all with me. Think of it like a photo version of MTV cribs. Just without it not actually being a home. And not actually belonging to me.

Just a bloody lifestyle post then….

 As you can see, I headed to Hej on Bermondsey Square which is a really lovely little Swedish coffee shop. Now, the whole “Bermondsey Square, trendy trendy” thing is such a funny one to me. You see, I live right next to Bermondsey, my whole family grew up there – and most still live there now – my school was in Bermondsey etc. etc. and I can tell you that until recently it was definitely not known as trendy. More looked upon as somewhere to go to cast the next Jeremy Kyle candidates (harsh, but true). So I’m really pleased/proud – and bewildered – to see the growth of Bermondsey street and Bermondsey square (hosting the likes of PR houses, Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant and the Fashion and Textile museum… who’d have thought?) but it does always give me a little chuckle when I see/hear of some of my favourite bloggers visiting there.

Chuckles over – chuckles over? what a tit… – seeing as I’m here and I dragged my honoury photographer along with me to take some thrown together, first thing that fell out of the wardrobe outfit photo’s, why not take a look at the riveting outfit of choice today?

So that’s about it from me today. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed nosing around this little piece of Bermondsey and wasn’t too preoccupied by dishevelled face that even allll the concealer couldn’t help 🙂
If you did enjoy it, I would absolutely love you to comment and let me know. Sometimes the blogging world can be a lonely little place and just lately, I’ve really benefited from the little boosts that other bloggers can give you, be it in the comments… or even over twitter, it’s the nicest thing in the world for me to have a little positive feedback. 🙂 Sentimental shizzle over, I’m off to comment on some of your wonderful blogs and practise what I preach.
As always, thank you so much for reading!

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