Generally, I love Autumn/Winter. I love that it’s an excuse to go shopping for a new winter coat. I love that you can layer a million clothes. I love being able to wrap up in the biggest blanket scarf I can find and be all warm and cozy. Oh, and not forgetting Christmas drinks – oh hi there Toffee nut latte you little devil, you – and all… all, the comfort food in the world.
So there’s the positive. Let me tell you something I don’t like – well, actually, really despise – and that’s getting up early, making my hair slightly half decent* (*slightly less ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ than normal), and putting makeup on for outfit photo’s before work, just to find that the heavens have opened and outside photo’s – i.e photo’s that don’t look like a 12 year old’s blog – is totally out of the question. So off to my boyfriend’s studio it was to find a white wall and make the best out of a shitty bad situation.
In other words, apologies for the lack of photographic originality. If I put an exciting product at the end will it make up for it? Let me know 😉

[PS. another thing I bloody despise is the winter ‘common cold’ which I currently have in full force. Thank goodness for scheduled posts huh? The Rudolph red nose and generally bedraggled look I’m sporting at this moment in time is definitely anything but chic.

I bought these trousers recently on a whim and I am really enjoying wearing them. They’re surprisingly versatile and can also be dressed down with a nice knit and flats. What are your thoughts on pinstripes?

Shirt – New Look, Pinstripe trousers – Dorothy Perkins, Necklace – Primark, Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

So, as this has been a pretty damn boring post, I thought it was only fair to include a little purchase I made recently too. It probably isn’t that exciting realistically but hey, it’s not a standard outfit in front of a plain white wall is it? 🙂

Enter my new pride and joy – The Nars Virtual Domination palette.

[Insert hands in the air, Hallelujah-esque emoji here] This palette is just all kinds of prettiness. It consists of 3 blushers, 1 highlight colour and a bronzer.

Highlight: Miss liberty (top left) – this is highlight is a pretty gold/champagne toned highlighter that despite having a decent amount of shimmer, still manages to look really natural and glowy on the skin.
Blushers: Deep Throat (top right of the blushers) Ohhh deep throat. I have wanted this colour for so long however the price of Nars blushers and let’s face it, the slightly awkward name too, has always held me back from actually asking for it at the counter. For the peachy pink blush fans out there, this little beauty is your best friend in the making. Natural, fresh looking… just beautiful. Final cut (bottom right of the blushers) – a gorgeous, gorgeous peachy matte blush. Despite appearing quite vibrant in the pan, it really just makes for the loveliest fresh, natural glow. And last but not least – Sex Fantasy. (another raunchy little name from Nars!) If you have pale skin, this is the most perfect colour.
Bronzer: Nars Laguna. Need I say any more really? I don’t think so either…

I will stop my little fangirl rave here as I want to do a whole post with swatches, full descriptions etc. but what I will say, is that if you’re in the market for an early Christmas present to yourself, or are looking for presents for a makeup-loving girl, this guy is your man.

And when I say guy, I am obviously referring to the palette and also not coming across half as cool as I thought it sounded on first type 😉

That’s all from me today, I’m off to complete the rest of my Harry Potter marathon, eat a shit load tonne of unhealthy food and generally continue to feel sorry for myself. See you in the next post where I will hopefully look – and feel – slightly more human 🙂
As always, thanks so much for reading!

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