I am extremely lazy when it comes to body lotion. There’s no two ways about it, I just am. A mixture of having no time in the mornings – and any of you lot who get up at 5am to fit in the gym, shower and moisturise all over etc. etc. please don’t pipe up now and make me look bad 😉 – and not wanting to feel greasy/sticky after a lovely bath or shower means that it is one item of skincare I really neglect, despite having a body lotion collection as embarrassing as Kris Jenner.

Laziness aside, when I was contacted by Roger and Gallet’s PR team in regards to trying out their new Sorbet body lotions, I actually jumped at the chance. A body lotion described as “providing long lasting moisture whilst being non-greasy” is – get ready for it, get ready for it… – *insert Cheryl’s geordie accent here* “Right up my streeet” 

Off of terrible Cheryl quotes and on to the products.

I received two scents from the line and I’ll start with my favourite of the two first, the stimulating Ginger lotion.

There is something about this scent that is so familiar to me and reminds me of my childhood and yet I cannot put my finger on it. It’s very floral and fresh, and for those who like a fresh fruity/floral scent, you will love this. If you’re not so keen on very floral, strong scents this may not be for you, but personally I am a huge fan! OK, moving on from dyer attempts to describe the scent and on to whether the products works.

So, does it work? I think it’s so incredibly hard to see if a lotion has helped tone or firm your skin as so many factors can have an effect – a poor diet, no exercise etc. but all I can say, is that considering I do not exercise, and I do have a pretty diabolical diet at times… my skin does feel slightly firmer. I don’t have much of a problem with cellulite but I’ve noticed that my skin definitely does look more even and I am more than OK with that. Gym worthy skin without the effort, that’s my kinda lotion! (she says, munching away on a chicken tikka…)

Next up is the Orange and Aloe Vera scent.

Now this one is a bit of a game changer. – Yes, of course a body lotion can be a game changer, of course I haven’t got my priorities all mixed up! 🙂 – When I first had a sniff of this, I really wasn’t a fan. My initial impression was that it was very herby, very fresh but also quite earthy. It wasn’t that I hated the smell, I just couldn’t imagine slathering it on my skin and smelling of it all day long. However – ohh there’s always a good ‘But…’ moment isn’t there – once I put this on the skin, it developed into a much more natural, fresh, citrusy/aloe vera – great descriptive skills there Elle, great… – scent. It’s beautiful and I actually really love this scent now. If you like a citrus, fresh, herby scent, this is the one for you!

In terms of “working”, this lotion is marketed as invigorating and I can definitely vouch for that. It’s a great lotion to use in the morning because it’s so fresh and brightening and if I wasn’t such a troll/sloth, I would definitely wake up with Victoria’s Secret-esque skin*.

*Well, let’s face it… Indian takeaways, chocolate and an obsession with Starbucks will probably prevent that from ever happening, but you get the picture. Healthy, toned looking skin courtesy of Roger & Gallet, and totally worth it’s £14 price point in my opinion.

So, I’ve rambled on forever and a day so now it’s your turn 🙂 I would love to know if anyone has tried these products/thinking about purchasing them now? Also, if you have any body care products that you’re loving at the moment, please let me know in the comments below as it’s obviously essential that I extend my ridiculous collection even further 😉
As always, thank you so much for reading. I’ll be back in the week with a seasonal OOTD, terrible dragged through a hedge backwards hair and a windswept/monstrous face. I bet you’re all hanging off of the edge of your seats in anticipation…

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. This review – as well as every other on my blog – is 100% my personal opinion.

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